Congo to Begin Ebola Vaccinations on Monday

A spokeswoman for the health ministry said health workers in Democratic Republic of Congo will begin a vaccination campaign on Monday aimed at containing an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. Continue reading

US and China halt imposing import tariffs

The US and China say they will halt imposing punitive import tariffs, putting a possible trade war “on hold”. The deal came after talks in the US aimed at persuading China to buy $200bn (£148bn) of US goods and services and thereby reduce the trade imbalance. Continue reading

Trump warns extended Russia probe will ‘put some hurt’ on Republicans during midterms

Sunday President Trump  expressed his frustration with the ongoing and wide-ranging Russia collusion investigation, suggesting that federal investigators could “easily” extend the “witch hunt” through the critical midterm elections to “put some hurt on the Republican Party.” Continue reading

New NRA leader Oliver North on school shootings: ‘Disease isn’t the Second Amendment’

Sunday new  NRA President Oliver North said in the aftermath of the deadly Texas school shooting, that students “shouldn’t be afraid” to attend class but made clear that his gun-rights advocacy group still doesn’t think the solution is limiting Second Amendment rights. Continue reading

Rand Paul: Hollywood Actors Protected With Guns, Why Not Students?

If Hollywood celebrities are protected by armed guards, there’s no reason why students can’t be protected either, a Republican lawmaker said Friday. Hours after as many as 10 people were killed in a Texas high school shooting, Sen. Rand Paul, R.-Ky. told Fox News that the time is now for some action. Continue reading

Democrats Want Trump Administration to Help Them Sue Russia

The DNC is seeking a court order that would essentially force President Donald Trump’s administration to aid the group’s lawsuit accusing Russia of interfering in the 2016 election. Continue reading

Farm bill fails in House, amid conservative uprising over immigration

A farm bill that also would have tightened food stamp rules failed in the House on Friday, in a dramatic defeat for GOP leaders who faced an uprising from conservatives over inaction on immigration. Continue reading

Bongino Blasts Dems Attack on Trump’s ‘Animals’ Label: ‘The Dopiest Party in DC’

Former NYPD officer and Secret Service agent Dan Bongino blasted Democrats for criticizing President Trump’s labeling of MS-13 gang members as “animals.” Continue reading

Wasserman Schultz blasts NRA, calls it ‘just shy of terrorist organization’

Tuesday Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz called the National Rifle Association “just shy of a terrorist organization.” What a whacked out Demonrat. Now can you see how liberalism is a mental disorder? Continue reading

Trump blasts ‘Fake News’ for twisting ‘animals’ comment, DHS secretary says Dems owe apology

Friday President Trump tore into media outlets for twisting a comment he made this week about MS-13 “animals,” while the Homeland Security secretary said Democratic lawmakers who did the same should apologize. Continue reading