Trump Presses Demand For Border Wall Again

As the deadline for a government shutdown looms by the end of the day Friday if a spending bill is not passed, President Donald Trump sent a tweet on Tuesday stressing the importance of a border wall. Continue reading

Turpin: Shackled siblings found in Perris, California home

A California couple have been arrested after police found their 13 children allegedly held captive at home, some “shackled to their beds with chains and padlocks”. David Allen Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were held on charges of torture and child endangerment.

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Steve Bannon testifies before House Intel Committee as part of Russia probe

What a waste of money.  All this time, and still the real criminals aren’t held accountable. Former President Trump confidante Steve Bannon will testify to lawmakers behind closed doors Tuesday in his first appearance on Capitol Hill since he ran afoul of the administration over quotes attributed to him in a bombshell book. Continue reading

Japan broadcaster alerts North Korea missile launch that didn’t happen

Tuesday Japan’s largest broadcasting service alerted citizens to the launch of a North Korean missile allegedly bound for the country — but no launch occurred and the message was sent in error, the second such blunder in four days for a region on edge. Continue reading

GOP Lawmakers Eager for Romney to Be in Senate

Some Senate Republicans, looking for a balance to President Donald Trump, are eager for Mitt Romney to take the seat of retiring Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah. Continue reading

What is chain migration and why does Trump want it ended?

President Trump is determined to end chain migration, one of his key focuses when it comes to immigration reform. During a bipartisan meeting with lawmakers in early January, Trump specifically said an immigration reform bill would need an end to chain migration in order for him to be on board. Continue reading

‘It’s Just Insane’: Chuck Woolery Says Democrats ‘Desperate’ to Disparage Trump

Actor and game show host Chuck Woolery ripped Democrats Saturday for “desperately” trying to upend the successes of the Trump presidency. Continue reading

Democrats ramp up efforts to boycott Trump’s State of the Union address

Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson added her name to a growing list of Democratic lawmakers who say they are fed up with President Trump and will boycott his State of the Union address at the end of the month. Continue reading

Nancy Pelosi’s elitist Democrats — America, this is the party of the rich, sneering at the poor

Once upon a time, Demonrats were all for the working man. Back then, they seemed to understand and fight for the interests of the working class and people living in poverty. Republicans, by contrast, struggled for decades with the perception that they were “for the rich.” Continue reading

Pre-Trump DACA rules being reinstated, US agency says

Participants in the DACA program may continue to request renewals under terms that were in place before President Donald Trump rescinded the program in September, U.S. immigration officials announced Saturday. Continue reading