At G-7, Trump’s Paris Agreement opposition will face economic arguments from world leaders

One of the biggest questions being asked ahead of the G-7 summit in Taormina, Italy, is whether President Trump will fulfill his campaign promise to pull out of the Paris Agreement on climate change or if his European counterparts can convince the U.S. leader to keep his country in the historic – and controversial – accord. Continue reading

Manchester attack: Suspect visited Syria and had ‘proven’ ties to ISIS, French minister says

The man British police say blew himself up as a packed concert was letting out in Manchester, England, Monday night is believed to have traveled to Syria and had “proven” links with the Islamic State terror network. Continue reading

ObamaCare vote do-over? House could be forced to revisit bill

House Republicans are anxiously awaiting the release Wednesday of a congressional estimate on their recently passed ObamaCare replacement bill that could force them back to the drawing board. Continue reading

South Korea fires at North ‘object’

South Korea says it has fired warning shots at an object that flew across the demilitarised zone from North Korea. About 90 machine gun rounds were fired at the object, which has not been identified. North Korea has flown drones over the border in the past.

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Trump’s $4.1tr budget takes hatchet to safety net

The White House has unveiled Trump’s $4.1tr (£3.1tr) budget that would take the axe to the social safety net for the poor.The plan would sharply slash food stamps, healthcare for low-income patients, disability benefits and eliminate student loan subsidies. Continue reading

Ex-CIA chief Brennan says Trump-Russia inquiry ‘well-founded’

Former CIA Director John Brennan has said an investigation into possible collusion between Trump campaign officials and the Kremlin is “well-founded”.

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Demand soars for concealed carry permits, data shows

The number of concealed carry permits in the United States has topped 15 million over the last year, according to data collected by the Crime Prevention Research Center. Continue reading

North Korea insists latest missile launch proves it can hit US bases, Japan

Monday North Korea said  that it is ready to mass produce a new medium-range missile that has the capability of reaching Japan and major U.S. military bases after its latest launch it claimed confirmed the rocket’s combat readiness. Continue reading

Gorka Lays Out the Objectives of Trump’s Foreign Trip

Monday President Trump arrived in Israel to kick-off the second leg of his first foreign trip as commander-in-chief. On “Fox & Friends” this morning, Dr. Sebastian Gorka, deputy assistant to the president, explained the three objectives of Trump’s much-anticipated visit to the Middle East. Continue reading

Trump tells Israelis: Arab neighbors in ‘common cause with you’ against Iran

President Trump greeted Israeli leaders in Jerusalem Monday with hopes to lay the groundwork for a peace deal with the Palestinians – saying a “rare opportunity” exists, and the threat posed by Iran is bringing Arab neighbors together toward that goal. Continue reading