Senator faces calls to resign, ethics probe, scorn of colleagues

Al Franken’s political future has been thrown into doubt as the Minnesota senator faces calls to resign in his home state on top of widespread condemnation from Hill colleagues who say an ethics probe of new sexual misconduct allegations is in order.

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Clinton attack dog lashes out at Gillibrand for criticism of Bill

Don’t you love it when they eat their own? One of the Clinton family’s most aggressive defenders lashed out overnight at a Democratic senator who said Bill Clinton should have resigned the presidency over his affair with Monica Lewinsky Continue reading

Bill O’Reilly: Roy Moore to Be ‘Pariah’ If He Wins Special Election

Ah, but if he wins and is seated, he still gets to vote on legislation. That’s what they don’t want to happen. They want business as usual. Bill O’Reilly told Newsmax TV on Wednesday that “the Democratic Party is going to hang Judge Roy Moore around the neck of the Republican Party if he does win.” Continue reading

California proposal: No kids? Then don’t pay school taxes

Heck yeah, why should those without kids pay taxes for schools? A California man has proposed a ballot measure to exempt residents who don’t have kids in state public schools from paying the taxes to fund them. Continue reading

Clinton calls Uranium One story a ‘distraction,’ warns of dictatorship

Wednesday Hildabeast slammed what she described as the “politicization of the Justice Department” after reports that the Trump administration was considering a special counsel to probe the Uranium One deal and alleged conflicts with the Clinton Foundation. Continue reading

Luther Strange’s Campaign Tried, Failed to Confirm Rumors About Moore

Sources from interim Sen. Luther Strange’s campaign told the Washington Examiner that they tried but failed to confirm the “open secret” allegations against Roy Moore in Alabama. Continue reading

Paul Ryan faces conservative pressure to target ObamaCare mandate in tax bill

House Speaker Paul Ryan is facing conservative pressure to follow the example of Senate Republicans and target ObamaCare’s individual mandate as part of a sweeping tax overhaul – though so far, the GOP leader is showing little appetite for it. Continue reading

Trump should be ‘sentenced to death’ for insulting Kim Jong Un, North Korea says

President Trump should be “sentenced to death” for calling North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un “short and fat,” the regime’s state media declared Wednesday in an unhinged diatribe blasting Trump as an “old lunatic, mean trickster and human reject.” Continue reading

Sessions: Justice Department has 27 investigations into ‘epidemic’ of leaks

The DOJ 27 open investigations into leaks of classified information with a “political motive,” Attorney General Jeff Sessions revealed Tuesday — that’s three times more than the agency has had in the three years prior. Continue reading

AARP Blasts Erasure of Medical Expense Deduction in House Tax Plan

AARP is unhappy with one piece of House Republicans’ tax plan, which could end up forcing the GOP to change its proposal. The House and Senate have both unveiled versions of the GOP’s tax reform proposal, which would cut rates across the board and make changes to certain types of deductions. The AARP has a problem with a section of the House’s proposal that would erase the medical expense deduction. Continue reading