Missouri school board meeting on masks ends with parking lot brawl

A tense school board meeting in Missouri on face masks resulted in a brawl in the parking lot of a high school that included “several people” throwing fists, a report said.

The meeting took place on Tuesday night at the Pleasant Hill High School auditorium, and included a tense debate on the topic, KMBC reported. The board voted unanimously to require the masks, the report said.

Thousands of Missouri children have been diagnosed with COVID-19 since the new school year began, and at least one rural school closed for cleaning after an outbreak.

The heated debate continued after the meeting in the school’s parking lot.

Three people were cited after the altercation, the Kansas City Star reported, citing the Cass County Sheriff’s Office. The paper reported that one man was handcuffed after allegedly confronting a woman who recorded part of the confrontation. The man and two other people received tickets but were not arrested. No injuries were reported, the paper said.

“There was an altercation between a couple of people out front of the school with a lady saying that she’d been harassed or assaulted by somebody else,” Maj. Kevin Tieman, a spokesman from the sheriff’s office told the paper. “She said they took her cell phone away from her.”

Fox News

The Pleasant Hill school board approved a mask mandate after reporting 28 positive COVID-19 cases and 180 quarantines, which is more than 7% of the district’s population.

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