Doctor Outlines Problems With Bernie Sanders’ Single-Payer Health Care Plan

Wednesday Bernie Sanders officially unveiled his single-payer health care bill. The “Medicare for All” plan would provide Americans with no-cost, comprehensive health insurance, with the U.S. government bearing the sole financial responsibility.

On “Fox & Friends,” radiologist Dr. Nicole Saphier said the numbers simply don’t add up.

“I equate it to watching Oprah Winfrey. She’s like, ‘You get a house! You get a house!’ The difference is, she can pay for it. Bernie Sanders is offering to give everything, and the United States government cannot afford it,” Saphier said.

Fox News

Brian Kilmeade pointed out that Sanders’ previous single-payer plan had $32 trillion in costs and only $15.3 trillion in revenue, which means $16.7 trillion going toward the federal deficit.

“Even though people have big hearts and say people should have health care for all, in our system right now, it is flat-out unaffordable,” Kilmeade said.

Fox News

Dr. Saphier pointed out that the U.S. leads the world in cancer care because the free market encourages innovation.

She acknowledged that there should be some kind of public option, but it’s important to maintain a strong private marketplace.

She also argued what the U.S. health care system is lacking is preventative medicine primary care, which wouldn’t necessarily be improved by Sanders’ plan.

“We need to focus on making America healthy again while we’re making it great again,” Saphier said. “By just giving everybody health care coverage, that doesn’t equate to health care.”

Fox News


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