De Blasio: Will Sue DOJ if They Withhold Funds Due to Sanctuary City Status

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said he does not have plans to sue the Department of Justice, but he is ready to do so if the department blocks funding over the city’s sanctuary city status.

“If there is a specific effort to withhold funding, we’re ready to join in legal action to stop it. So far there has not been any funding withheld, so our message is, if funding actually starts to be withheld, then we will take legal action,” de Blasio said at a press meeting Monday to The Daily Caller.


The Daily Caller got the response when asking if de Blasio planned to join Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s lawsuit filed Monday over the DOJ’s withholding of police grant funds to sanctuary cities.

The mayor defended New York’s policies on immigration in a letter to the Justice Department in June, according to The New York Times.
In the letter, de Blasio said that New York was cooperating with immigration officials to the extent that the federal law requires.
So these crazy Demonrat Mayors think they can break the law, but still be rewarded with tax payer dollars.

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  1. janice

    This Mayor Of New York, de blasio And Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel Think That They Are Sanctuary Cities And State’s? Well If Federal Government See’s Fit, That Under Federal Law’s That Those State’s Whom Are Sanctuary Cities And State’s; Refuse To Cooperate With Federal And State Law’s And Presidential Executive Order’s; Can If President See’s Fit To The Best Of His Duty Revoke All Federal Money To Sanctuary Cities And State’s! And Do A Federal Level Audit Of All Sanctuary Cities And State’s; To See Exactly Where The Money-Fund’s Are Going! Dumb, Dumb, And Dumber, The Demon’s Of Demonrat’s, Demonbrat’s, Trying Their Dammedest To Put Stumbling Block’s Up Against Trump, For Sure Folk’s!

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