Conway Responds to Mueller Probe Widening to Look at Trump’s Finances

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway reacted on “Fox & Friends” to a report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe has expanded to examine a range of business transactions by the president and his associates.

President Trump told the New York Times just one day before that looking at his family’s finances would be outside the scope of the probe.

Clayton Morris asked Conway why that would be an issue for the president.

“Critics are saying why not open the books, what’s to hide?” he asked.

Conway said the issue of the probe is supposed to be Russian interference in the election and there remains no evidence of that affecting the outcome of the vote.

“Where is this going and are Americans comfortable with that, with the taxpayers funding this, with this going off into all sorts of chutes and ladders? … If you’re going to keep opening up every Pandora’s box when the president has made very clear this is a witch hunt,” said Conway.

She also called out Democrats Rep. Adam Schiff and Sen. Mark Warner, the ranking members on the intelligence committees, for going on TV all the time instead of holding hearings on the Russia issue.

Conway said the fact that lawyers on Mueller’s legal team donated to Democrats, including Hillary Clinton’s campaign, is “relevant information” for Americans to consider.

She said the Russia issue overall is a “sideshow” compared to the positive developments going on in the country.


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  1. janice

    The New York Times, The Reporter’s Of Liar, False Narrative, Folk’s! Is This Nazi Germany, Yet? Sure Sound’s Like It! Stop Grilling Trump!

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