White House Accuses Democrats of Obstructing Trump’s Nominations

The Trump administration is calling out Senate Democrats for blocking President Trump’s nominations. The Senate has only confirmed 48 of 197 nominees to departments and agencies, and only two of 23 judicial nominees.

As of June 30, only 50 total Trump nominees have been confirmed out of 242. That amounts to approximately 20 percent, a much lower percentage than Obama saw during the same time period in his first term.

Through June 30, 2009, Obama had 186 confirmations out of 336 nominations, which is more than 55 percent.

White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short has accused Senate Democrats of deliberate obstruction.

“Sen. Schumer has deliberately run an unprecedented campaign of obstruction against the president’s nominees for high-ranking positions in the government,” Short told reporters at a news conference on Monday. “Democrats even walked out of committee hearings to deny a quorum, like school children taking their toys from the playground.”

“These obstruction tactics are carried out in the name of resisting the Trump administration and playing to a radical left-wing base,” he added.


Schumer, however, blames the Trump administration for the slow pace of confirmations.

“If the White House is looking for the cause of the delay, they need only look in the mirror,” Schumer told the Associated Press. “No administration in recent memory has been slower in sending nominees to the Senate.”



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