Trump Attorney Calls for Comey to Be Investigated for ‘Illegal’ Memo Leak

President Trump’s attorney called for an investigation into former FBI Director James Comey’s “illegal” leak of his personal memos to the media. Talking to Sean Hannity, Jay Sekulow called on Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate Comey for leaking the contents of memos detailing several meetings and conversations with Trump.

“James Comey leaked information that he got in a meeting with the President of the United States. … If there were an investigation going on right now, the investigation should be James Comey,” he said.

Sekulow emphasized that Comey stored the memos on government property, leaking the information from there to a friend at Columbia University to give to a New York Times reporter.

The action was a “violation of the law, clearly,” said Sekulow.

Comey revealed how he shared his memos in a Senate hearing earlier this month.

Sekulow said the “so-called investigations” of Russian interference in the election have been going on for nearly a year, yet there continues to be “no smoking gun” when it comes to the question of collusion by the Trump campaign.



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  1. janice

    Good Luck At Getting Mueller To Investigate Comey, Folk’s! Mueller Served As Head FBI Director Under George W. Bush! And Comey Was Deputy FBI At That Time With Mueller As Head Of FBI Under President George W. Bush! After Mueller Retired, He Mueller Came Out Of Retirement And Did Another Stint Of 4 More Years For The FBI! And Comey Was Hired For Head Of FBI During Obama’s Tenure! Talk About Conflict Of Interest! Came And Went, Full Circle, Folk’s!

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