Putin slams new sanctions, says they will ‘complicate’ Russia-US ties

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that new U.S. sanctions on Russia will damage ties between the two countries. Saturday Putin said that “it will of course complicate the Russian-American relationship,” according to an interview reported Saturday by the TASS news agency. The Russian leader said it was too early to speak about a possible response.

Thursday the US Senate voted 98-2, to approve sanctions against Russia for its alleged interference in the 2016 election. The bill targets Russian individuals accused of corruption and key sectors of the Russian economy.

Putin said that Russia would be forced to make changes because of the sanctions, but they wouldn’t lead to a “collapse.”

The penalties have been criticized by Austria and Germany for promoting U.S. economic interests.

Fox News



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  1. janice

    Russia Didn’t Interfere In No USA Election Of 2016! Russian People Know It’s False And So Does Putin! And So Does We The People Of USA, Know It’s False Narrative!

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