Trump accuses Lynch of ‘illegal’ behavior in Clinton email case

Lynch’s butt should be in prison along side Hildabeast. Tuesday President Trump  accused former Attorney General Loretta Lynch of “illegal” behavior in her handling of the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s secret email server, alleging the ex-top cop provided “protection” for the Democratic presidential nominee.

The president drew attention to Lynch ahead of a Senate hearing where his own AG, Jeff Sessions, is set to testify on the Russia investigation.

Trump’s tweet appeared to draw on the related June 8 testimony of former FBI Director James Comey — whom Trump controversially fired. Comey revealed to Congress that Lynch told him to call the investigation a “matter” when speaking to the press and said he was also troubled by Lynch’s meeting on a Phoenix tarmac with former President Bill Clinton. Comey was so disturbed by the incidents, he held a press conference himself to discuss the case before presenting his findings to Lynch.

“A.G. Lynch made law enforcement decisions for political purposes…gave Hillary Clinton a free pass and protection. Totally illegal!” Trump tweeted.

Fox News

Trump’s Twitter megaphone was the loudest strike in a growing drumbeat of officials calling for Congress to focus on Lynch. Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said Sunday he wanted Lynch to testify. Rep. Peter King, R-N.Y., said he wanted to see any memos Comey may have written about Lynch.

Trump on Tuesday also knocked one of his favorite targets, the news media, for an “agenda of hate,” though he didn’t specify which story or stories had riled him up.

Trump wrote: “The Fake News Media has never been so wrong or so dirty. Purposely incorrect stories and phony sources to meet their agenda of hate. Sad!”

Fox News

He added later: “Fake News is at an all time high. Where is their apology to me for all of the incorrect stories???”



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  1. janice

    The Hidingbeast Saga Continue’s To Be A Thorn In Everyone’s Back Side Folk’s! As For Hidingbeast And Lynch, Lock Both Of Them Crook’s Up In Prison! As For Phony-Fake News Media-News Reporter’s Of Fake New’s, Think Long And Hard Before You Print Another Fake Story; Because All You Demon’s Of Demonrat’s, Demonbrat’s, Lib’s, Are How Do I Say This Bluntly; You Are Radicalizing Domestic Terrorism In This USA! Not Good At All! People Whom Were Radicalized By The Media, Murdering And Injuring People!

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