Bossie: Comey’s ‘Political’ Leaks ‘Possibly Illegal, Definitely Unethical’

Former Trump deputy campaign manager David Bossie took aim at former FBI Director James Comey this morning, calling his leak of his private memos unethical and “possibly illegal.”

Comey acknowledged in the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing that he passed the contents of private memos about his conversations with Donald Trump to the New York Times through a friend.

Bossie, who said he’s been a defender of Comey’s through the years, ripped Comey for leaking the memos for “political purposes.”

“I [thought] he was someone of integrity until yesterday. Leaking that memo … for political purposes to make himself look good and the president look bad is an incredibly irresponsible and, quite honestly, possibly illegal and definitely unethical thing to have done,” said Bossie, a Fox News contributor and president of Citizens United.

Bossie said it’s appropriate now for the White House to file a complaint over the leak by Comey.

He said it’s now been seven months and there has not been a “shred of evidence” on collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Earlier on “Fox & Friends,” Bossie said the simple reason is that no collusion ever went on.

Bossie said Democrats and the “left-wing media” still cannot get over the November election and want to “nullify” the result.

He said Hillary Clinton “probably would have fired [Comey] on day one” if she had won the election.


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