Evergreen State Faculty Turn on Professor, Say He ‘Endangered’ Students

So the snowflakes are now running the college.  But that a good demonstration of liberal brain washing.  These idiot kids are controlled from birth. The faculty at Evergreen State College sent a letter to students Friday saying they stand behind the protesters who have wreaked havoc on the campus this week and plan to pursue disciplinary action against the target of their demonstrations, Prof. Brett Weinstein.

There are about 4,000 students at the college, who protested last week after Weinstein a biology professor, told student activists he did not agree with their “Day of Absence” plans. The Day of Absence usually consists of students of color leaving the campus for the day, to bring awareness to their presence and issues. This year, however, student activists wanted all white students and faculty to leave for the day. Weinstein, who supported the Day of Absence tradition in the past, called this year’s plan an act of oppression.

The blowup was highly publicized by the media, and the campus was shut down Thursday and Friday after a man called local police threatening to shoot up the school.

The faculty letter signed by 71 professors made a promise to capitulate to the student’s list of demands, while blaming Weinstein for endangering students.

“Demonstrate accountability by pursuing a disciplinary investigation against Bret Weinstein according to guidelines in the Social Contract and Faculty Handbook,” read one of the listed concessions. “Weinstein has endangered faculty, staff, and students, making them targets of white supremacist backlash by promulgating misinformation in public emails, on national television, in news outlets, and on social media.”


This despite the fact that the mob of students targeting Weinstein was so engaged that he says the college’s chief of police told him he could no longer guarantee the professor’s protection—because he had been told by Evergreen’s president to stand down in the face of the student protesters. As a result, Weinstein, who has taught at the small lefty liberal-arts school in Washington State since 2003, was forced to lead his class in a park instead of the classroom.

The faculty also vowed to help “counter the alt-right narratives that are demonizing Evergreen and Day of Absence specifically” and “[hold] each other accountable when we act in racist ways.”

They also denounced claims that any of the protesters acted violently in the last week, which is bullshit considering this video where a student is assaulted for covering up anti-Weinstein messages on the wall.

The letter also says these concessions to protesters will help student growth in coming years. At the University of Missouri, which had its own protests in 2015, enrollment drop by over 2,000 people two years later. 

Meanwhile, The Seattle Times released audio of the call the anonymous man made to police that shut down the campus. “I’m on my way to Evergreen University (sic) now with a .44 Magnum,” the caller says. “I’m going to execute as many people on the campus as I can get ahold of.”




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