NYC’s De Blasio: ‘Children Will Die’ Because of Trump’s Budget

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) said that “some children will die” if President Trump’s budget proposal passes.  Speaking at a press conference in The Bronx, de Blasio said children will be “less healthy” because proposed food stamp cuts will affect half a million of them in the city.

“Five hundred thousand kids in his hometown will have less food to eat because of this proposal,” he said. “It is not an overstatement to say that some children will die because of this,” de Blasio said.

Fox News

De Blasio said Trump’s cuts to education and public housing funding is proof that it is a “plan written by billionaires and millionaires for billionaires and millionaires.”

He also blasted Trump for reportedly planning to cut counter-terror grants to the NYPD only a day after the deadly Manchester, England terror attack.

“It’s going to make us less safe,” he said, calling it “a tragic irony.”

Fox News

In an appearance on “The Story,” House Speaker Paul Ryan defended the budget proposal, saying the process is only just beginning.

He said the overall goal is a balanced budget in 10 years, something that was not pursued by the Obama administration.


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  1. janice

    A Typical Demon’s of Demonrat’s, Demonbrat’s, Statement Made By NYC Mayor De blasio! He Caused The Mess By Saying That Children Will Die, Because Of Trump Budget? Oh, But That’s A Typical Day In A Demonrat’s Life Of Causing Mass Panic Though! That’s Nothing New To This American, We As A People Have To Go To Work Now To Support Our Growing Children, Parent’s; Or They Will Not Even Know What To Do In Life! A Teaching Of, Learning Of How To Survive In This America! A Earn Your Own Way, Because Federal Government Is Not Going To Bail Them Out For Welfare, No More! Simply Because Federal Government Is Over Extended To The Max In This USA! So On That Note, Learn To Work And Pay For Your Own Children You Made On Welfare! Government Can’t Afford You All No More, It’s Called National Debtor’s Hole!

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