Comey Wrote ‘Other Memos’

Hey folks, memos aren’t gospel, they are just notes, that doesn’t mean what they contain took place. Besides, he was appointed by Odummzy, a plant, who covered Hildabeast’s fat butt. Another disgruntled employee, bites the dust.

Former FBI Director James Comey, apparently leery of every exchange he had with President Donald Trump, wrote “other memos” in addition to the bombshell that alleges the president tried to thwart an investigation, Politico reported.

The New York Times reported Tuesday night that a Comey memo detailed the president asking the former FBI director to drop a probe into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Rumor has it, there are more to come.

“There are other memos about his meetings too,” a purported friend of Comey’s told Politico. “He wrote down every word Trump said to him as soon as he could.”

The source told Politico that Comey’s memo, the subject of the Times report, from his meeting with Trump in the Oval Office is “very rich in detail.”


The Times report spread like wildfire across Capitol Hill, where House Oversight chairman Jason Chaffetz is already calling for — and saying he will subpoena — the Comey memos.

I wasn’t aware that a former government employees can give away documents when fired. Perhaps that’s why Comey had a smug look on his face when he bit the dust. This was all planned.

Further, Comey had already been invited to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee before news of the memo came out.

Regardless, given the infancy of the story, at least one lawmaker wants to see before he believes the report.

“I actually believe the director might have told us that there’d been a request like that, and it was never mentioned by him,” Senate Intelligence Committee chair Richard Burr said.

“So, somebody’s going to have to do more than have anonymous sources on this one for me to believe that there’s something there.”



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  1. janice

    Memos Don’t Hold The Water With The Paper They Are Written On! Memos Are Nothing But Notes! Besides It Doesn’t Mean That They Ever Took Place Either! Also, He Was Appointed By Odumbo, A Planted One To Cover Hildeb*tches Humongous Ass Or Something Much Bigger, Hidden! Another Planned Opportunist Bitten The Dust, Folk’s! A Former Government Employee, When Fired Cannot Give Away Any Documents To No One Either! Is That Why Comey Had Such A Smile On His Face When He Was Fired?

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