Trump Jr: POTUS Did More in 2 Months Than Bush, Obama

Donald Trump Jr. said his father accomplished more in his first two months in office than the past two administrations. “He’s doing things that make sense for America,” Trump Jr. said. He said President Trump has gotten more done for the country in two months than Presidents Obama and Bush.

Trump Jr. said his father’s pace of work is remarkably faster than that of Congress.

Regarding President Trump’s planned replacement of ObamaCare, Trump Jr. said he can see why some people want to let the system collapse, but added that his father would never allow that to happen because he cares too much for the people.

Trump Jr. said ObamaCare is a failure because it has left most of its customers with “insurance in name only.”

He also slammed the mainstream media for continuing to try to undermine his father, saying they were rallying against “what makes sense for America.”


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  1. janice

    Sure President Trump Has Done More In 2 Month’s Than Any Other Administration Has Ever Done In History! Historical Folk’s! As For Odummer Health Care, It Left All American’s With A Deep Hole In Their Pocketbook’s, Because It Was Price Hiking To The Point Of No Return! Triple Digit Hike’s! And Everyone Out There In This America, Should Have Known Better, Than To Fall For The Line Of Crap That It Was Such A Sweet Deal, When; All Illegal Immigrant’s Were Put On The Plan! It Was Then And There, That, It Was Destined To Fail With Far Too Many On It! No Federal Money Left To Support It, See? And After 7 Year’s, It Was To Be Handed Over To All State’s, To Manage It! But, How Could The Strapped Cities-State’s Fund It; With No Money Left For It? That’s A No Brainer! Doesn’t That Make More Sense Of America? As For Media, They Continue To Lie More And More Every Day, Because They Seem To Hold Some Type Of Grudge Against President Trump! Trump Is Just Doing His Job, Folk’s!

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