White House Releases Border Wall Requirements

The White House released preliminary guidelines for the Mexican border wall promised by President Trump on the campaign trail. The wall must be 30 feet high while looking imposing from the Mexican side and tasteful from the American side, Pete Hegseth reported.

The Department of Homeland Security began soliciting bids for the wall, adding that they will accept plans for both concrete and non-concrete walls.

The Washington Times said that President Trump’s budget plan allows for a partition to span as far as 2,000 miles along the border.

Blueprints must prove the bidder’s proposed wall would take at least an hour to break through.

The Times also reported that some of the 700 companies registered as possible contractors for the wall could face some backlash in the future.

Cities like Berkeley, Calif. have said they will essentially ignore future bids from companies involved in building Trump’s wall.




1 Comment

  1. janice

    Well, Go Ahead Companies On Constructing The Wall And If They Harass Your Companies, Then In The Future Even If They Were To Come To Your Companies And Beg You To Do Construction On Some Other Project For Their Sanctuary Cities-States; Tell Them To Go To Hell! It’s A Hate Crime To Harass Construction Companies For Placing A Bid To Do Any Job, Even For The Wall For The Border!

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