Turkey-Netherlands row: Dutch warn citizens after Erdogan threat

The Netherlands has warned its citizens over travel to Turkey as a row between the countries shows no sign of abating. Who in their right mind would travel to a war torn area anyway? Germany, Austria and the Netherlands blocked Turkish attempts to hold rallies in those countries.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed retaliation, saying: “Nazism is still widespread in the West”.


Germany, Austria and the Netherlands blocked Turkish attempts to hold rallies in those countries.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed retaliation, saying: “Nazism is still widespread in the West”.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel rejected the comments as unacceptable and offered the Netherlands her “full support and solidarity”.

On Monday, the Dutch foreign ministry issued a new travel warning, urging its citizens in Turkey to take care and noting the new “diplomatic tensions”.

The warning to “avoid gatherings and crowded places” came as Turkey’s foreign ministry lodged a formal protest with the Dutch envoy.

Meanwhile, the Dutch deputy prime minister, Lodewijk Asscher, said that “to be called Nazis by a regime which is walking backwards in regards to human rights is just disgusting”.

European Union leaders called for calm.

“It is essential to avoid further escalation and find ways to calm down the situation,” said a joint statement by foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini and enlargement commissioner Johannes Hahn.

The BBC’s Mark Lowen, in Istanbul, says that Turkey and the Netherlands, two Nato allies, are now locked in an “unprecedented diplomatic crisis”.


What cause Erdogan to get his shorts in an uproar?

The proposed rallies aimed to encourage a large number of Turks living in Europe to vote Yes in a referendum on 16 April on expanding the president’s powers. The plans were criticised by senior EU officials on Monday.

In Germany, for example, there are more than three million people of Turkish origin, of whom an estimated 1.4 million are eligible to vote in Turkish elections. In effect, the diaspora is Turkey’s fourth-largest electoral district.

Planned rallies in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands were blocked after officials cited security concerns or said the rallies could stoke tensions.

A gathering in France went ahead, however, after officials said it did not pose a threat.

Two Turkish ministers were barred from addressing rallies in the Dutch city of Rotterdam, with one of them escorted to the German border.

Police used dogs and water cannon against protesters waving Turkish flags in Rotterdam.

This really riled up Erdogan, who soon had a bug up his butt, so he responded:

Erdogan likened the Netherlands to “a banana republic”, demanded international organisations impose sanctions on the Netherlands, and accused countries in the West of “Islamophobia”.

“I have said that I had thought that Nazism was over, but I was wrong,” he said.

He warned that countries would “pay the price” for their actions.


Turkey’s EU affairs minister, Omer Celik, said Ankara would retaliate against the Netherlands with “sanctions”, without specifying what this would mean.

On Monday, Anadolu news agency quoted him as saying Turkey should reconsider part of a deal with the EU aimed at curbing the flow of migrants to the bloc.

He appeared to be referring to Turkey’s efforts to prevent migrants accessing Greece and Bulgaria.

On Monday morning, Turkey summoned the Dutch charge d’affaires in Ankara for the third time in three days. He was handed two notes, protesting against the treatment of the minister escorted to Germany, and the treatment of protesters in Rotterdam.

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  1. janice

    The Power For Erdogan, Isn’t Just The Only Problem, 6th Of March I Believe It Was 2017; A Row Erupted Between Germany,According To Merkel She Wanted Calm As A Row Erupted Between Germany And Turkey’s Leader! And There’s More To This Than Meet’s The Eye! Erdogan Want’s To Give Muslim’s A Chance To Vote To Give Him More Power! The Countries Are Concerned About The Safety And Security Too Of Their Countries! Erdogan Doesn’t Even Have A Inkling What Nazism Even Is! He’s Just Got Too Tight Of Short’s, Affecting The Circulation Of His Brain And He Can’t Even Run His Own Country Without Having A Coup Of The Past!

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