Nearly half of students in college think they will receive federal loan forgiveness

These little snowflakes think everything in life is free.  But what do we expect, they are brain washed from birth. Almost  half of college students recently polled believe they won’t be saddled with student loans soon after graduation.

According to a survey of 500 current college students conducted by LendEDU, a private firm that connects students and their families with student loans and loan refinancing, 49.8 percent believe they would be able to receive federal forgiveness on their student loans after graduation.

This belief is hardly justified, given the limited circumstances in which these loans can actually be forgiven.

The US Department of Education says that federal direct student loan borrowers can get off the hook if they enter public service jobs for a specified period of time, agree to teach in an underserved area, die or become permanently disabled, or if the school they attended shuts down while they are enrolled or within 120 days after they leave.

“The biggest exemption is the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, and very few students go into public service,“ said Nate Matherson, who co-founded LendEDU in 2014.

“With maybe 14 percent of the American workforce in a public service job, the actual numbers of those who may qualify for student loan forgiveness or discharge is maybe below 10 percent.”

Fox News


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  1. janice

    Snowflake’s, Snowflake’s, Snowflake’s, Just What Did They Teach You In College? How To Not Be An Adult-Adult’s? Take Responsibility For Your Own Way In Life! Well, Snowflake’s…..Nothing In This Life Is A Freebee, So Earn Your Way, And Stop Acting Like Babies! You Get Grant’s…..You Pay Them All Right Back Or College’s Go Broke, You Idiot’s!

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