Liberals attack Melania Trump after reciting “Lord’s Prayer” at rally

It appears that many liberals have recently escaped from their cages. Leftists on social media tore into First Lady Melania Trump, mocking her accent and religion and branding her everything from a hostage to a whore – all for the secular offense of reciting “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Melania Trump began President Trump’s rally Saturday in Florida by delivering the prayer, which Christians – many of whom recite the prayer in church each week – believe was first said by Jesus Christ. The crowd at Orlando-Melbourne Airport received the prayer enthusiastically.

Left-leaning social media users were a different story, however.

Here are a few of the tweets:

“Melania starts the dictatorship rally with the Lord’s Prayer? NOT EVERY AMERICAN IS CHRISTIAN!!!! Country over party,” tweeted @JaimePrimak.

@splattne wrote: “Melania prays (reads) the Our Father. Makes Jesus turn in his grave. Oh wait…”


Melania starts the dictatorship rally with the Lord’s Prayer? NOT EVERY AMERICAN IS CHRISTIAN!!!! Country over party.

Fox News

Several Twitter users harkened to the controversy over Melania Trump plagiarizing a section of her Republican National Convention speech from a previous speech given by former First Lady Michelle Obama.

“At least this time Melania plagerzed [sic] the Lord’s Prayer from the Bible instead of Michelle Obama. #TrumpRally,” @ParaComedian09 wrote.

Fox News

Noticing that Melania appeared to read the prayer from a sheet, some questioned the degree of Trump’s religious devotion, with many deriding the Slovenian immigrant’s accent.

“With an hour’s practice I could probably say the Lord’s Prayer better in Slovene than Melania Trump does it in English,” @adrianshort wrote.

President Trump didn’t escape unscathed, either.

“Trump is still there, so Melania’s prayer didn’t work,” @GerryDuggan wrote.

Fox News



  1. janice

    Are The Caged Animal’s-Lib’s At It Again Folk’s? Sure Look’s Like It! As For The Attacking Of First Lady Melania Trump On So-called Social Media…..Her English Is Excellent, Her Religion Is Excellent,

  2. janice

    And The Atheist’s Are Non-believer’s, Judgmental, Hooligan’s, And Brain Dead Fool’s! Does Christianity Hurt The Poor Little Babies? Too Bad! Christianity Began At The Beginning Of Time To The Present Day; And Our Founding Father’s Were All Christian’s! Our Father Throughout In Heaven, Hallow Be Thy Name,Thine Will Be Done On Earth As In Heaven,Give Us Our Day Our Daily Bread, Forgive Our Trespass As We Forgive Our Transgressions Against Us, Lead Us Not Into Temptation, Deliver Us From Evil, Of The Power And The Glory, Forever And Ever, Amen!

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