Trump administration imposes new sanctions on Iran over missile tests

Friday the Trump Administration followed up on its vow to put Iran “on notice” over its recent missile tests and support for Shiite rebels in Yemen, imposing sanctions on 13 individuals and a dozen companies – while the U.S. Navy moved a destroyer into position off the coast of Yemen.

Trump’s national security team had previewed possible action earlier in the week, and Trump warned Friday morning on Twitter that Iran was “playing with fire” with its recent actions.

The Treasury Department announced the additional sanction targets late Friday morning.

The sanctions, coming in the first weeks of Trump’s term, reflect his administration’s desire to take a strong stance toward Iran from the start. Throughout his campaign, Trump accused the Obama administration of being insufficiently tough on Iran and vowed to crack down if elected.

The move won praise from Republican allies in Congress.

“This announcement makes clear that it is a new day in U.S.-Iran relations and that we will no longer tolerate Iran’s destabilizing behavior,” Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman  Bob Corker, R-Tenn., said in a statement. “A coordinated, multi-faceted effort to pushback against a range of illicit Iranian behavior is long overdue.”

Fox News

Trump’s team stepped up approach toward Iran in the wake of ballistic missile tests and a recent attack on a Saudi naval vessel by Tehran-backed militants in Yemen.

Military officials told Fox News that Iran actually has conducted two recent missile tests, one on Dec. 6 and another this past Sunday. U.N. resolution 2231 calls on the Islamic Republic not to conduct such tests.

Meanwhile, a defense official told Fox News that the USS Cole, the same warship attacked in Yemen in 2000, is now patrolling off the coast of that country in the Gulf of Aden.


  1. janice

    Well, Sanction’s Are For Violator’s Of The Geneva Convention! When You Break A Deal That Was Made, You Are In Deep Trouble With All Countries!

  2. janice

    Well,If You Break A Deal, And It Break’s The Deal With The Geneva Convention, They Have A Problem With All Countries!

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