Farage: The People Will Revolt in ‘Extraordinary Way’ If Brexit Is Threatened

Nigel Farage said this morning that if the UK Parliament moves to reverse last year’s Brexit” vote, it will trigger a “revolt” by the people. The former leader of the UK Independence Party responded on “America’s Newsroom” to a British court ruling that the referendum on leaving the EU must go through Parliament.

Bill Hemmer asked whether this means Brexit could be stopped.

Farage said he’s not “particularly worried” about that happening, arguing many Britons who voted to remain in the EU have since changed their minds.

“If members of Parliament were to try to dilute or delay the Brexit process too much, they would be committing political suicide. … In theory, it could be stopped. In practice, it won’t be,” said Farage.

“If they attempt to stop Brexit, the very gentle English will revolt in a most extraordinary way,” he concluded.

Fox News

President Donald Trump is set to meet in Washington on Friday with UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

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  1. janice

    What It Mean’s Is The Voter’s Vote’s, Do Count For Something! If Parliament Stall’s and Stall’s, They Are Looking For An Avenue To Try And Remain In The EU At The Expense of Their Own People! The Vote’s Were Tallied, So That Mean’s That The Voter’s Have Spoken And They Want To Leave The EU-European Union! European Union, What Do You Have? I’ll Tell You All What You Have, You Are Told What To Do And When To Do It! They Control You! All Of The Other Countries In The EU Make Decision’s For You-Even If You Don’t Like Them! Job’s Preference Is Given Away To Other’s Other Than The One’s Living In The Country First! No Business Deal’s! No Job’s! No Timetable’s! No Stable Economy!

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