Watchdog group files lawsuit against Trump over foreign payments

Monday a  liberal-funded watchdog group filed a lawsuit  against President Donald Trump alleging that he is violating the Constitution by allowing his business to accept payments from foreign governments.

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, or CREW, filed the lawsuit in the Southern District of New York and claims Trump is violating a clause in the Constitution that prohibits his businesses from receiving anything of value from foreign governments. Because Trump didn’t divest his businesses, the group claims he’s now receiving gifts from foreign governments via guests and events at his hotels, leases in his buildings and real estate deals abroad.

“When Trump the president sits down to negotiate trade deals with these countries, the American people will have no way of knowing whether he will also be thinking about the profits of Trump the businessman,” the Washington-based organization said in a statement.

Fox News

Wow, they thought nothing of it when the Clinton foundation took money from foreign governments.

White House Director of Strategic Communications Hope Hicks directed inquiries to Trump attorney Sheri Dillon.

Hicks said in an email to the Associated Press: “She was very clear on this issue two weeks ago and nothing has changed; the president has no conflicts.”

Fox News

The New York Times reported that the group won’t seek any monetary damages, but instead hopes New York will order Trump to stop taking payments from foreign governments.

Eric Trump told The New York Times that the Trump Organization had taken more than the steps required by law to avoid litigation. He dismissed the lawsuit as, “purely harassment for political gain.”

Fox News

The group’s lawsuit is one of many expected lawsuits to be filed against Trump.

The Times noted that the American Civil Liberties Union filed a Freedom of Information Act request on Thursday asking the Department of Justice, the General Services Administration and the Office of Government Ethics for anything they have on addressing the possible ethical conflicts Trump faces.

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  1. janice

    Oh…..American’s But It Was Alright For The Clinton’s To Accept Foreign Interest’s Money; From Other Countries, For The Clinton Foundation, Global Initiative! That Was A Different Version Of A Story Folk’s! As For President Trump, No Foreign Interest Money Received Or Taken! President Trump Is Squeeky Clean, No Trumped Up Accusation’s Of Wrong Doing’s To Be Found Never, Ever, At All! All Lie’s!

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