Trump expects to speak Sunday with Israel leader Netanyahu

Sunday President Trump will speak  with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a senior White House official confirmed with Fox News. Netanyahu started the day by congratulating Trump, who on Friday officially became president, as he opened diplomatic-security cabinet meetings, according to the newspaper Haaretz.

The two leaders spoke after Trump won the presidential election on Nov. 9.

Netanyahu called Trump “a true friend of Israel,” after Trump’s victory.

Trump, a Republican, has been critical of how his predecessor, President Obama, and his administration treated Israel, considered the United States’ closest Middle East ally.

Most recently, the administration effectively backed a United Nations’ resolution that opposed Israel building more settlements in the disputed West Bank with Palestinians.

Trump and Netanyahu reportedly will likely discuss the Palestinian issue, the ongoing civil war in Syria and the threat of neighboring foe Iran.

Fox News


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  1. janice

    Excellent Another Meeting American’s, By President Trump! Israel Is A Ally For Sure! As For The Part Of Obama Administration Backing A UN Resolution, Which Opposed Israel Building Settlement’s In Disputed West Bank With Palestinian’s, Well It Depend’s To Whom The Land Belong’s To In The First Place, I Think That’s How It Goes! UN, Is A Total And Complete Useless Agency! Drain That Swamp Too! As For Syria’s Civil War, Well If They Run Out Of Ammunition-Weaponry And No One Supplies Them With It, Then It Will Stop!As For Iran, Sanction’s,Sanction’s, Sanction’s!

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