Govt Study Says Male And Female Toilet Signs ‘Discriminate’ Against Transgender People

So the loons are still battling over which bathroom one can piss in. British researchers have spent £50,000 ($60,000) of public money on a study which concluded male and female toilet signs can be seen as “discriminatory”.

A team from Sheffield Hallam University spent a year asking members of the public whether they believed people should have a choice on which toilet they use.

According to their results: “Participants thought it was important for others to not judge people’s choice of toilet”.

Now their recommendations could see the signs “Ladies” and “Gentlemen” signs replaced with ones which say: “Toilets with urinals” and “Toilets without urinals” so that transgender users are not offended.

The study was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

It also recommended that some toilets should include a sink for Muslim women to wash before going to prayer.

And it advised that disabled toilets should be renamed “larger toilet with grab bars”.

Other findings included removing hand-dryers and replacing them with paper towels because some people become “stressed” by the noise of electric dryers.

Dr Jenny Slater, who led the study, said: “Toilets are at the heart of the important discussions about how we understand our own identities. The starting point for us is to explore how disabled people and those identifying as trans, gender-queer or non-binary are treated in modern society.”

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  1. janice

    Well…..Folk’s………When The Poop And Pee Get’s Flushed Down The Toilet They Don’t Care About What’s On Sign’s! Oh What A Relief It Is! Right?

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