Russian PM Medvedev: Obama Ending Term in ‘Anti-Russian Agony’

Just a day after Russia was hit with sanctions for a cyberattack during the U.S. presidential elections, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev tweeted “RIP” to the outgoing Obama administration.

It is regrettable that the Obama administration, which started out by restoring our ties, is ending its term in an anti-Russia agony. RIP


Medvedev was once considered pro-West. His Twitter blast came after the U.S. announced it would sanction Russia and expel 35 of its intelligence operatives over election campaign hacks allegedly backed by the Kremlin.

Russia has vowed to retaliate for the sanctions.


1 Comment

  1. janice

    Oh But, American’s Sanction’s Can Be Lifted, Remember? Sanction’s Can Be Lifted? Sanction’s Were Lifted on Iran! Even If Russia Was Falsely Accused Of Doing Nothing Wrong At All! Ole Bung Hole Administration Is Pretty Cocky-Two Faced, Say One Thing Do The Opposite! A Two Faced Administration Alright American’s! Two Faced!

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