Kellyanne Conway Calls Bill Clinton an ‘Angry White Male’

Kellyanne Conway called Bill Clinton a “pretty angry white male” on Tuesday night after the former president said Donald Trump was good at getting “angry white men” to vote for him.

“It’s an insult, and I think Bill Clinton sounds like, in that case, a Trump voter these days,” Conway, a senior Trump adviser, told Fox News’ “Hannity” program. “He seems pretty ‘angry white male’ and that’s too bad, because he’s a former president. We have enormous respect for him and his legacy, as it were.”

Conway also pointed out that Trump “had a very broad coalition in this win” and he ran the tables “among the same kind of Democratic union households that Bill Clinton won and Hillary Clinton lost. He ran the table among rural voters.”
Bill Clinton’s comments are “dead wrong,” she continued, and “it’s time for the Clintons to do what the Obamas have done, which is to open up the door and say, ‘We are here to help you have a peaceful transition in our great democracy.'”

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  1. janice

    Wild Billy Clinton Is Just like One Of Those Angry Bird’s Of A Feather! An Angry White Man, For Sure Folk’s, Simply Because His Wife, Hillary Lost The Presidency, Lost The Foreign Interest’s Money, Is A Liar, Corrupted, Crook, And Billy Got Caught With His Pant’s Down Like A Pervert! This Brought The Realization To Come Forth To All American’s Across This USA That They Were Sick And Tired Of It All And Wanted And Needed A Change For Their Future And The Country!

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