What’s More Dangerous — DNC Hack or Criminality It Exposed?

Yeah, it’s a different set of rules for Demonrats, they believe they are above the law. First, it was the FBI and Director James Comey that were responsible for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. Then, there was Green Party candidate Jill Stein claiming voter fraud and voter hacking, which turned out to be a farce.

But now, the CIA has assessed through “circumstantial evidence” that Russia was responsible for hacking into the Democratic National Committee’s emails and providing those emails to WikiLeaks, which released them to the public.

The claim is that Russia did so in an attempt to influence the election. After 24 hours of this latest rambling, we’re now learning that the FBI doesn’t necessarily agree with the CIA, and worse, that the top overseers of the U.S. intelligence community have not embraced a CIA assessment.

As you can see folks, the CIA has just proven how political they’ve become.

But what We the People, want to know, is how the CIA came to this conclusion.  What evidence do they have that Russia was behind this?

Did Russia know the emails would expose clear-cut criminality by Secretary Clinton and her family, and her former staff as it relates to using her office to solicit tens of millions of dollars from foreign heads of state, for her family’s foundation?

There was also clear evidence, that Clinton’s campaign staff colluded with CNN journalists prior to her debate with Donald Trump in order to assist her in the debate and the election.

Lastly, did they also know that Clinton’s campaign staff and the DNC colluded to undermine and destroy the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders?

Clinton’s staff and members of the DNC were well aware of the fact that Sanders was soliciting millions of dollars for his presidential campaign, knowing that while doing so, they were all covertly conspiring to do everything in their power to undermine his campaign and guarantee his failure.
What is possible, is that the Russians, Chinese, or some moron sitting in a Starbucks, allegedly hacked into the DNC’s emails, which exposed all of this criminal conduct that our illustrious members of Congress just ignored and made believe never happened, but they’re all about figuring out the identity of the mysterious hacker.
Who were the senators in the intelligence committee that were briefed and then publicly spewed the contents of that briefing to the general public? What exactly was their purpose — political perhaps?
But the most dangerous part, isn’t so much the hacking, but all the criminal activity that was exposed in the emails, by Demonrats. And still, they continue to blame others, when they are the ones caught with their pants down, as their shady deals were exposed.
Fascinating isn’t it, how the Demonrat mind works.

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  1. janice

    What Proof Does The CIA Have That Russia Really Did The So-called Hacking Of Election? Huh? Russia, Wouldn’t Do That, American’s, Simply Because Mr. Putin Is More Intelligent, Like Mr. Putin Says, Russia Didn’t Do The Hacking…..So Who Is Left To Blame? Huh? It’s The Corrupt, Crooked, Liar’s, Un-secure E-mail Server User’s, With The Un-secure E-mail’s Out To All Other Countries For All To Read Even The Enemy Countries Too! As For The Stein Character, No Hacking Of Voter’s Vote’s Never, Ever Took Place The Reason Being; The Voter Machines Are NOT ON NO INTERNET! Case’s Closed! As For Clinton, The Global Initiative, The Clinton Family Foundation, Well If Clinton Wouldn’t Have Been So Dam Corrupted, Crooked, Liar, Receiving Special Interest’s Money From Foreign Interest’s And Receiving Favor’s In Return In The Form Of Job’s For Pay For Play Etc., There Wouldn’t Have Been Such A Mess Of This Whole Dam Thing! Which Country Truly Did It? It Could Be Any Other Country, American’s!

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