Protests erupt in California after Trump wins election

Early Wednesday protests after Donald Trump was declared the next president of the United States. According to KTVU, about 100 protesters gathered in Oakland and sought to block freeways and create a commotion. The protesters forced BART to shut down and at least one demonstrator was struck by a vehicle.

SF Gate reported that police temporarily shut down Highway 24 to tend to the woman who was struck. California Highway Patrol Sgt. Matt Langford described her injuries as “major.”

The station also reported that some cars were set on fire and other vehicles had broken windows.

KTVU added that Trump supporters hosted a watch party at the Twitter headquarters in San Francisco and some protesters were seen in masks.

Protesters were also seen in Berkeley, chanting “not my president.”

Fox News



  1. janice

    Alright……Enough Is Quite Enough Of This BS! Now….If One More Business, One More Car, One More Protest Of Protesters, One More Destructive Manner-Action-Actions Of You 18, 19, 20, Years Old Etc. Doesn’t Stop It Right Now……..The National Guard Will Be Called In And A Curfew Will Be Put In Place! Who Taught You And Told You To Do All This To Destruct AMERICA! Grow The HELL UP! No More Freebee’s Off Of Welfare…..Go To Work Time Is Now, Your Lazyness’es! Government Is NOT Going To Feed You, Not Going To Clothe You, Not Going To Pay Your Bills, Simply Because You Are All ADULTS The Last Time The HARD WORKING CLASS AMERICANS Checked! You The Protesters Have Been Programmed-Brain Washed From A Very Young Age! On That Note………You Had Better Straighten Up And Grow Up Or Else…….Face A Lifetime Of Consequence’s For Your Unlawful Actions Of Crime And Destruction! You Have To Earn Your OWN WAY In Life So Get Use To It! NO MORE HAND OUTS!

  2. janice

    Canada, presidency Trump: Canada’s people will welcome of Yank’s who are troubled!

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