Manhunt for suspects after 4 stabbed at Germany train station

German police are hunting a crazed knife gang who stabbed four people at train station in Frankfurt. The attack occurred at Hauptwache station and cops have confirmed that all four victims are in the hospital.

No motive for the assaults is known, but police are reportedly hunting several suspects. Local police tweeted: “There was a knife assault at the #Hauptwache in #Frankfurt.

“That’s why so many colleagues [police officers] and rescue workers there.”

Fox News

The aftermath of the frenzied attack was captured on video and posted online. Other pictures show one of the victims being loaded into an ambulance. Police also tweeted out a warning to Frankfurt residents cautioning them not to panic.

The tweet read: “We are asking to refrain from speculations over the incident at the Hauptwache.

“You are scaring your fellow citizens. There is NO DANGER.”

Fox News

Local radio station FFH reports that none of the victims sustained life-threatening injuries but have not yet been questioned by investigators. The attack reportedly started on level C of the station before moving down to level B.

Hessenschau reports that traces of blood were found in both levels of the travel hub. The station is located in the heart of Germany’s fifth biggest city. This comes as German anti-terrorist police swooped in five states in raids directed against suspected Chechen asylum seekers linked to ISIS.

Thirteen properties in the country were searched and at least one arrest made. A number of computers, notebooks and other material relating to Jihadism were seized. Earlier this month, an asylum-seeker arrested on suspicion of plotting a massive ISIS bomb attack in Germany committed suicide in police custody.

Officials confirmed reports that Syrian national Jaber Albakr had been found hanged in his cell in Leipzig on Wednesday evening.

It is thought the 22-year-old — who is suspected of plotting an atrocity at Berlin airport — had been under round-the-clock surveillance over hunger strike fears, according German daily Der Speigel.



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  1. janice

    Terrible Actions! Sure It Is Danger For Other Citizens If They Haven’t Caught The Perpretrator Or Perpretrator’s Yet! See That’s What Happen’s When The Influx Of Migrant’s Are Not Vetted!

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