Rush: Media Wanted Trump to Admit He Will Lose

Rush Limbaugh says that the media wants Trump to admit that he is going to lose, but when he refused to say that, it ticked them off. “Every damn one of them has the same reaction to virtually anything in that debate last night that anybody’s reacting to,” Limbaugh told his radio audience on Thursday.


The entire Hillary Clinton campaign, Obama administration and “Drive-By” mainstream media are saying Trump put the very foundations of democracy at risk with his quip when asked if he would admit defeat, “I’ll keep you in suspense.”

“They wanted Donald Trump to concede defeat just like they wanted the Republicans to take impeachment off the table, which they did, last night, everybody wanted Trump to admit that he had lost the election last night,” Limbaugh said. “That’s what they were going for. That’s what they wanted today. … If he would have accepted, if he would have announced last night that he was gonna accept the results, the story today would be:

Trump was asked about accepting the election results because he has for weeks been saying the election is being rigged against him. He trails Clinton in most polls.

But the GOP nominee had “no choice” but to answer moderator Chris Wallace as he did, Limbaugh said, because he would have left his supporters feeling deflated otherwise, and it could have marked the moment some of them started leaving him.

“I don’t even think he consciously thought it was a choice,” Limbaugh said. “He was instinctively answering the question, and his answer is exactly why he’s in this race.”

Trump doubled down on Thursday, telling a crowd of supporters he will accept the election results, “if I win.”



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