Trump Retweets Montage of Joe Biden’s ‘Long History of Groping Women’

Donald Trump suggested on Monday that Joe Biden is a groper of women after the vice president last week labelled alleged past behavior by the Republican presidential candidate as “sexual assault.”

Trump retweeted a tweet by New York radio personality Mark Simone which included compilation of video clips showing Biden greeting various women at political events:

Watch Joe Biden’s Long History Of Grabbing, Kissing and Groping Women Who Are Cringing:


Biden has said Trump’s 2005 statements in which he bragged about touching women, including grabbing their genitals, are “sexual assault.”

Last week, former Trump rival Dr. Ben Carson said character questions are justified in a presidential election, but the sexual abuse allegations against Trump are keeping Americans from talking about the issues to fix America’s “trouble.”

“Sexual abuse is a horrible thing — I’ve said that many times — but I believe the place where this thing is to be handled is in the court system not to be aired out in public on television,” Carson told CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper.



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  1. janice

    How Many Women Has Joey Touched Or Groped Are There?

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