Teen Girls Arrested After Offering Themselves To IS Fighters

Austrian officials who recently cracked down on terrorism by arresting several people believed to be recruiting and fundraising for ISIS have revealed two more teenage girls tried to leave the country to marry terrorist fighters. Police say that the youngest of the girls, aged 16, who come from a Chechen family, had persuaded her friend, aged 17, that she should do the same, and both of them had already managed to leave the country when they were stopped during a routine check in Romania.

Police believe the girls were on their way to Syria to join ISIS, but were sent back to their parents. There must be something in the water, for these idiot young people to be so brainwashed into believing that ISIS is wonderful.

Prosecutors said that after tracing the girls’ conversations online they realised that the pair had decided to offer themselves as ‘wives’ for ISIS fighters.

The panicked parents of the younger of the girls had raised the alarm and given her phone to the Interior Ministry investigators when she went missing. From that device they were able to find chat logs on a Russian app which proved the girls planned to journey to Syria to marry ISIS fighters, according to Marcus Neher of the Salzburg public prosecutor’s office.

Austrian Times

The second girl has a Bosnian Muslim background and the mobile phone evidence shows that the 16-year-old in particular had been in contact with jihadists for some time. Both girls admitted that they were already promised in marriage to jihadist fighters.

There you have it folks, stupid Muslim.

They are the latest in a series of young women who aspired to join the Islamic terrorists, especially the ISIS movement.

Austria’s Interior Minister, Johanna Mikl-Leitner, set up a hotline to help deal with Islamic radicalisation in November following the high-profile defection to Syria of two Austrian girls – Samra Kesinovic, 17, and Sabina Selimovic, 16 – described as “poster girls” for the jihad movement after they left their homes and married Isis fighters.

At least one of the girls is believed to have died in fighting in Syria, according to a UN source. Authorities estimate that more than 170 people had travelled to the Middle East from Austria to join Islamist militant groups.

Back in October, Austrian authorities detained on terrorism-related charges a 14-year-old boy who was allegedly planning to travel to Syria and had researched on the internet how to build bombs. ISIS knows kids are “stupid”, so they make easy recruiting targets.

The latest defections will be disappointing to Austria which in November staged a series of raids that included the arrest of the alleged Islamic hate preacher in Vienna masterminded the recruitment of the two Austrian jihad “poster girls”.

Samra and Sabina became radicalised through the cell led by unemployed benefits claimant Ebu Tejma, 33, who lived with his pregnant wife and five children in a council provided flat. It was stuffed with jewellery, cash and savings books worth a fortune when it was stormed by Austria’s elite heavily-armed police special forces team WEGA.

The valuables had all been provided by Muslims radicalised by the preacher and his cronies in a network that reportedly extended across the country and into the rest of Europe, and his arrest is seen as a major blow against the terrorist group’s activities.

Tejma, described as charismatic man and who speaks excellent German, had dozens of YouTube videos, still online, guiding the faithful and attracting the disaffected to a life of jihad. He was known to have been questioning the faithful in Vienna’s mosques about whether they had daughters of marriageable age, presumably to entice and reward the jihadists joining the fight under the black banner of Isis.

He told fathers on their way to Friday prayers that he had many contacts who were looking for wives, and told girls that they had a duty to support the men. Samra and Sabina, attending his sermons, were radicalised within a few short months, and travelled to Syria to marry jihadists.

Austrian Times

If Muslims are so peaceful, why aren’t they out joining the fight to defeat ISIS?


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