Vt. gov releases details on decision to abandon single-payer health care plan

Gov. Peter Shumlin’s administration on Tuesday released documents that led to the decision to abandon plans to make Vermont the first state in the country with a universal, publicly funded health care system. Shumlin announced the decision to drop the proposal on Dec. 17, saying the plan would require tax increases too big for the state to absorb.

He also added that he is determined to work with legislators and state health care regulators to move from a fee-per-service payment system to one that reimburses providers for health outcomes by January 2017.

“I’m convinced that we can be the first state to get that done,” Shumlin said.

Fox News

Shumlin also said he would not be campaigning in the days leading up the special Jan. 8 vote in which the Legislature picks Vermont’s next governor. Shumlin won the popular vote in a close election on Nov. 4, with 46.4 percent to 45.1 percent for Republican Scott Milne. Since neither got a majority, the race goes to the Legislature to decide.

But he says he is not worried about the outcome of the vote and believes lawmakers should follow precedent and chose the candidate who received the most votes.

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