Krauthammer: GOP Congress Should Tell Obama to ‘Bring It On’

Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer told Fox News Channel on Monday, that the newly elected Republican Congress should use its power to differentiate itself from President Barack Obama.Obama told NPR recently that he’s pretty likely to bring out his veto pen during his last two years in office as Republicans send him bills he doesn’t like.

“I think the Republicans ought to say bring it on, Mr. President,” Krauthammer told “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.”


The party can best position itself for the 2016 presidential election by showing that it controls the House and Senate now that Democrat Sen. Harry Reid will no longer be acting as “blocking guard” for Obama, Krauthamer said. Reid’s refusal to take up controversial legislation kept Obama from having to use his veto pen until now, he said.

With Republican Mitch McConnell running the Senate, the GOP will be able to enact its agenda, Krauthammer said, “And they should be willing to pass whatever they can and to dare the president to go ahead and to veto.”

Krauthammer suggested first passing legislation they know Obama will sign, such as trade negotiating authority, which both Obama and Republicans favor.

“But then they should begin to work on stuff and challenge the president,” Krauthammer said, pointing specifically to the Keystone XL pipeline, tax reform and repealing the medical device tax and the employer and individual mandates of Obamacare.

“Let the president show where the party stands, and let the country know that with a new president — a Republican president — this stuff, which is very popular, will be able to get through,” he said.


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