Ukraine crisis: Russia vows no invasion

Obummer continues to huff and puff, trying to convince the world that Putin plans to invade the Ukraine.  Russia though, has responded, saying they have no intention of doing that….why would they anyway, want to invade a country that’s broke?  Putin called Obummer yesterday, and still, Obama demanded that Russian troops be removed from the border.  Hmm, since when can he order anything?

Meanwhile Ukrainian boxer and opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko has pulled out of the race for president.

He announced on Saturday that he was supporting billionaire Petro Poroshenko in elections due in May. Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko has also said she will stand. Announcing his withdrawal from the race, Mr Klitschko said: “The only chance of winning is to nominate one candidate from the democratic forces.”


In an interview with state TV channel Rossiya 1 on Saturday, Mr Lavrov said: “We have absolutely no intention of – or interest in – crossing Ukraine’s borders.” He added that Russia was ready to protect “the rights of Russians and Russian-speaking people in Ukraine, using all available political, diplomatic and legal means”.


Both Putin and Obama said  that Mr Lavrov and Mr Kerry would meet soon to discuss the next steps. The US proposal, developed in consultation with Ukraine and other European countries, includes halting the military build-up near Ukraine’s border, the deployment of international monitors in Crimea to protect the rights of Russian speakers, and the return of Russian troops there to their bases.

The Kremlin said that the Russian president had drawn Mr Obama’s attention to “the continued rampage of extremists” in Kiev and various regions of Ukraine.

There you have it, the western leaders adding to the propaganda.


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