Republicans want new Clinton testimony on Benghazi, may subpoena

There more calls growing for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton  to return to Capitol Hill, under subpoena, if necessary, to answer new  questions that have surfaced about her role in the response to the Benghazi  terror attack.

“I believe she was disconnected and dispassionate about what was happening,” House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa told Fox  News on Monday.

Fox News

Issa says forcing Clinton to testify is still on the table.  Conservatives have challenged Clinton’s account of what happened and how it was  presented to the public in light of recent details.  Lawmakers, such as Issa and New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte say they want Clinton on the record  about her role in watering down a CIA memo about how the attacks started — and  whether she knew about the apparent lack of security at the foreign outpost.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R- S.C., suggested he was open to using subpoena power  last week. “I hope she would come back without that, but yes,” he said during an  interview with USA Today. “I think she needs to come back and answer  questions.”

Former Vice President Dick Cheney also told Republicans during a meeting last  week that they may need to subpoena Clinton to get more answers. “I think  Hillary (Clinton) should be subpoenaed if necessary,” Cheney said.

Fox News

The Libya controversy could undermine Clinton’s case as a future presidential  candidate, which her supporters say is nothing more than a witch hunt.  Republicans rejected the charge as they sought new testimony from others.

On Monday Issa sent letters to the Benghazi Accountability Review Board (ARB) co-chairmen former Ambassador  Thomas Pickering and former Joint Chiefs Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen requesting  that they submit to transcribed interviews in anticipation of a public hearing  on the board’s investigation.

Pickering defended his decision Sunday not to question Clinton because he said  it had been concluded that the negligence that led to the attacks and the  misinformation that followed was not her fault. Instead, he said the missteps  were made by those working beneath her.

Democrats don’t want anything to tarnish her reputation, to jeopardize her chances at a presidential run in 2016, but once she aligned herself with Obama, her fate was sealed.

But lawmakers still have questions about Clinton’s role in everything from  considering security requests to emphasizing the role of an anti-Islam film in  the days after the attack.

A resolution sponsored by Virginia Rep. Frank Wolf that calls on the House to  form a special committee to investigate the terror attacks is gaining traction.  More than 200 lawmakers have signed on to the cause.


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  1. Figgy

    If hilary hadn’t been such a “witch” in her first appearance maybe they wouldn’t be “hunting” her now.

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