Obama Bid to Deport Homeschool Refugees May Threaten U.S. Rights

I recently wrote of this topic, here.  In  Germany, there’s a strong opposition to home school your kids, so one German family moved  here to the US.  Hmm you think all is okay don’t you?  Well, it’s not okay with Obama’s Administration.  Obama’s crooked DOJ has decided that a ban on home education was not a violation of fundamental human rights and that, as such, the ruthlessly persecuted Romeike family should be deported to Germany. This was a decision by disgraced Attorney General Eric Holder.

This has home schoolers up in arms.  Advocates say this threatens the US right to home schooling freedoms.  The Romeikes, fled persecution in Germany for more freedom, and the US gave them asylum, from an immigration judge in 2010.  They had fled from their native land two years earlier to escape the extreme punishments meted out to homeschoolers there. According to U.S. law, persecuted members of particular social groups — home educating families or Christians, for example — are supposed to be allowed to stay in the Land of the Free to avoid further persecution in their homelands.

With help from the U.S.-based Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), the Romeikes, evangelical Christians who refused to surrender their children to the German government’s “education” system in the face of a Nazi-era ban on homeschooling, were granted political refugee status.

The family currently lives in Tennessee, and successfully argued their case in court that they were being persecuted for their beliefs and homeschooling by German authorities — officials who refuse to respect human rights and engaged in a vicious campaign that included massive fines, threats to remove parental custody, and jail time.

Homeschoolers are a particular social group that the German government is trying to suppress.

But Lord Obama and shameful Holder, despite numerous international agreements enshrining parental rights, as well as, of course, the U.S. Constitution and Supreme Court rulings — a ban on home education is perfectly acceptable.

So when the family won their case, it didn’t take long for Obama to jump on the bandwagon and help the German government crush the Romeike family and to ensure that other homeschooling refugees fleeing Germany would have to find somewhere else to go.

The Obama administration argued, among other points, that the family should be promptly deported even though the children may be seized by authorities and the parents jailed if they are forced to return to Germany.

Which then brings us to immigrants in general and Obama’s views.  A german family who came here through proper channels will be deported, yet illegals can cross our borders, milk the system dry, help him retain the hispanic vote, and their children who were brought against their will can remain here.  This sounds rather one sided to me.  Only those who benefit Obama’s agenda can stay.

Yet we hear the Obama regime saying what a disgrace, so many countries are violating human rights.  Yet Holder’s DOJ says in a court argument, that such policies do not constitute a violation of fundamental human rights, at least not as long as everybody’s rights are infringed upon equally.

In its response to the family’s appeal, Holder also claimed that there was no religious persecution involved because all homeschoolers are not religious and not all Christians choose to educate their children at home.

New American

But the U.S. Supreme Court has already made it clear that religious freedom is an individual right.

Basically, DOJ is saying that because the family can choose not to homeschool, they do not deserve political asylum.

That argument leads logically to deeply troubling conclusions. “When the United States government says that homeschooling is a mutable choice — they are saying that it is a characteristic that a government can legitimately coerce you to change,” Farris explained. “In other words, you have no protected right to choose the education for your children. Our nation could remove your ability to homeschool and your choice would be mutable — since the government has the authority to force you to implement their wishes.”

Farris concluded his analysis by warning that the Obama administration and Holder’s Justice Department in particular are making extremely dangerous claims that could represent a real threat to the fundamental liberties of all Americans. “We should understand that in these arguments by the U.S. government, something important is being said about our own liberties as American homeschoolers,” he explained. “The Attorney General of the United States thinks that a law that bans homeschooling entirely violates no fundamental liberties.”

New American

But the Romeike family remains unclear — a decision in the case is not expected for about another year — the implications of the case are far-reaching. Indeed, homeschooling advocates around the world say that it is important for free Americans to stand up for the human rights of persecuted German homeschooling families, and that by doing so, U.S. liberties are being protected in the process.

If Obama is turning on these people, who’s to say when he will turn on American families?



  1. Figgy

    Has holder managed to get obammy’s drunken uncle out of the country yet?

  2. jericho777

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog.

  3. Janet

    and an update….a petition on the White House website.


  4. Janet

    What this amounts too, Lord Obama wants to take away home schooling rights, as he wants these kids indoctrinated in public schools, and be taught to worship him.


  5. Janet


    The Blaze

  6. Janet

    This add proof to what this family has said should they be deported back to Germany. This recently happened there.

    Armed German Police Abduct Four Homeschooled Kids

    Global outrage is mounting after an armed squad of 20 German police and social workers abducted four homeschooled children from their loving parents’ arms, relying on a Nazi-era prohibition on home education that has been used to ruthlessly terrorize embattled homeschooling families in Germany for years. The latest move, which experts in international law have condemned as a “shocking” violation of fundamental human rights, follows controversial efforts by the Obama administration to deport another persecuted German home-educating family granted asylum in the United States by a federal judge in 2010. Hundreds of other families have fled persecution in Germany to other European nations, virtually all of which permit homeschooling.

    New American

    And Holder wants to boot this family requesting asylum in the US out.

  7. Janet

    they have to back down, since they are allowing the illegals to remain or it would be bad publicity for Dumbassocrats.

    DHS allows German home-schooling family to stay in US

    A German home-schooling family facing deportation following the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear their appeal is being allowed to stay in the U.S.

    Fox News

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