Claims of voting machines rigged for Obama

The first report of this happening came last week, but early voting problems in the key battleground state of Ohio are fueling concerns in the final days  until Election Day, with the national race essentially tied in the latest Fox  News poll.

In North Carolina last week, after several early voters complained, they cast ballots for Mitt Romney but the electronic ballot machine logged their  pick as President Obama, similar problems have popped up this week in Ohio.

Voters said they selected Romney on the touch screen but an Obama vote was  logged instead.

“You want to vote for who you want to vote for, and when you can’t it’s  irritating,” Ohio voter Joan Steven told the Marion Star.

Fox News

As with the North Carolina cases, election officials had the machine  inspected and re-calibrated.

Ohio is widely said to the be the most sought-after state in the two  campaign’s electoral pathway to the White House because of its 18 electoral  votes and nearly even split between Obama and Romney, though Obama has held onto  a slight lead in recent polls.

The Fox News poll released Wednesday showed the national matchup tied at 46  percent.

It makes you wonder doesn’t it?  Just how many more of these machines are rigged.  Team Obama will move hell or high water to retain that power, even if it means rigging elections.  Does this mean that those people can revote?


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  1. Janet

    Yeah right, no one can tamper with machines, how dumb do they think the people are? And suddenly the machines are old and need recalibrated? Obama and the Obamanut-ettes are running scared. He is a failure, and WE THE PEOPLE know it.

    Claims increase of machines switching votes in Ohio, other battlegrounds

    Imagine going to vote for your presidential candidate and pushing the button on a touch-screen voting machine — but the “X” marks his opponent instead.

    Fox News

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