Obama loses debate, so team does character attacks of Romney

After Obama lost the debate last week, his team is now coming up with a new tactic.  Team Obama said Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, a man Democrats  (and Republicans) have long been saying is a stiff, awkward, un-relatable bore,  was a slick and artful politician.

David Axelrod, his senior advisor has gone so far as to say that Romney’s performance was “Gantry-esque.” That was a reference to Elmer  Gantry, Sinclair Lewis’ con artist evangelist whom Burt Lancaster played in  spellbinding fashion in the movie version.  For those who don’t know, the movie character Elmer Gantry was a fraud — a hard-drinking womanizer whose fire and brimstone sermons were  just a means to con rubes out of their money. He was an undoubtedly evil  character.

Nice try Obama, but the American people aren’t that stupid.  So Romney, previously jeered as a gaffe-prone, bumbling blueblood who couldn’t  connect with voters, suddenly turned into an evil, mesmerizing, tent-revival  hustler?

Fox News

The basis for this new line of attack  is that Romney says that he is not calling for a $5 trillion tax cut for the  wealthy financed by tax increases for middle-class.

The think tanks said that to achieve his goals, Romney would have to jack up  taxes on middle class families. Romney says not so. He says that the revenues  lost from the lower rates will be made up for by the increased growth that will  result from a fairer, flatter tax code and lower rates for small businesses.

That, says Team Obama, is a lie.

And to prove their point, team Obama is saying that Romney is lying.  Yet they have nothing to back those claims up.

So what we have is an incumbent president saying that his challenger wants to drop a crushing tax increase on  cash-strapped families and is lying about it to get their votes so he can enact  the plan. Team Obama says Romney wants to take the money from middle-income  earners to give it to the rich and that Romney’s denials are a lie, and that’s  all based on the conjecture of a think tank.

And another thing, Obama has embraced what he calls New Economic Patriotism that is based on his call for  higher taxes on top earners to partly finance new federal spending.  This now means he is in his roundabout way, questioning Romney’s patriotism.  Accusing your opponents of hurting the nation on purpose to win an election  should have been more than a little astonishing, but the charge itself got very  little attention. It got a ho-hum response in the establishment press, which has  often substituted the “fact check” for actual context.

Obama has no record to run on, so he attacks, but the voters are becoming tired of his old rhetoric.  No incumbent has ever run a campaign of such sustained character attacks as  Obama.  He has been spending tens of millions of dollars each month not to say that Romney is wrong or that he holds the wrong policy  assumptions but that Romney is a bad man, unfit to be the chief magistrate of  the land — a vampire, a tax cheat and, now, a liar.

Grow up Obama.  Where are the Democrats, telling him to tone the bs down more?  But no one seems to care.  And for a president to call your rival a liar and cheat is showing a lack of intelligence, and lack of leadership, but what did we expect?  Obama has no record to run on.



  1. Reblogged this on Election 2012 Coverage and commented:
    President Obama doesn’t have any issues to run on, so he just attacks Romney with his campaign money.

  2. Figgy

    Worse than a little boy who loses a game and wants to take his ball and go pout. Guess what obamanut ? It ain’t your ball!!! The American people loaned it to you and we want it back. Then you can go find a rock to crawl under!!

  3. Figgy

    Looks like he has now added Cheney and Gingrich to the ” pack of liars”.

  4. Janet

    What does one expect from a sore loser?

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