Ryan attacked over his speech by Democrats

We knew this would happen after vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave his speech last night at the Republican convention.  And Democratic organizations are quick to state that Ryan’s facts were wrong.  Did we expect otherwise, as we know, Obama has no record to run on, so all he can do is attack.

On key area under attack, is the statement Ryan made about the Obamanut raiding $716 billion from Medicare.  Ryan accused the White House of slashing $716bn (£450bn) from the much-loved scheme.  But FactCheck.org,
amongst others, said Mr Obama’s 2010 healthcare reform law does not cut money
from Medicare, but simply reduces the growth in spending on the scheme in an
effort to keep it solvent.  Well wake up, taking those savings, which should remain for future payments is raiding the system.

He also accused the president of “political patronage” via his $800bn stimulus plan, passed in 2008.  No matter who voted for it, the stimulus failed.

Ryan tore into the president on Wednesday night, accusing him of running out of ideas and waging a negative campaign.

“Fear and division are all they’ve got left,” he said, adding: “Now all that’s left is a presidency adrift, surviving on slogans that already seem tired, grasping at a moment that has already passed.  “We will not duck the tough issues – we will lead,” Mr Ryan said. “We will not spend four years blaming others – we will take responsibility.


Ryan pledged that a Romney-Ryan administration would create 12 million American jobs in its first term and cap federal spending at 20% of gross domestic product.

President Obama’s re-nomination will be confirmed next week at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina.



  1. Janet

    The liberal media is also trying to say that Paul Ryan was a member of Obama’s failed Super Committee, which was assigned the task of coming up with ways to cut spending so they could have a balanced budget. THAT RUMOR IS FALSE. Below is a link to the list of actual members:

    Super committee: Who are these guys?


  2. Janet

    And here is a link to the article which is false, stating that Ryan was a member….scroll to the bottom of the article.


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