Florida voters more afraid of Obama’s Medicare plan than Ryan’s

And rightly so, seniors.  Try getting a doctor now who accepts Medicare patients.  We are finding across the nation, more doctors are denying taking on Medicare patients, and where I am, most of them are leaving the area.  A recent poll was done in Florida, where more afraid of President Obama’s health care overhaul than Paul Ryan’s budget  plan when it comes to Medicare’s future, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll  released Thursday.

Of the 500 polled, 40% chose Obama’s plan which scares them the most.

These results come as both campaigns

elevate the issue of Medicare in their ads, interviews and stump speeches —  particularly in Florida, with its large senior population. Ryan is the author of  the controversial budget plan that would, 10 years from now, give seniors the  option of using a government payment to buy private insurance. Obama’s campaign  says the plan would “end Medicare as we know it.”

But Ryan and Mitt Romney are firing back, claiming that “ObamaCare” is the  one that guts Medicare by “raiding” the entitlement to pay for the health care  law. Ryan repeated that line in Ohio Thursday, saying “he raided $716 billion  from Medicare to pay for Obamacare. This will lead to fewer services for  seniors.”  Fox News

The poll from Aug. 15 had a margin of error of 4.5 percentage  points.

The poll also asked Floridians whether they prefer Obama or Romney. The  results were roughly even, with 45 percent choosing Romney and 43 percent  choosing Obama.




  1. Janet

    Thanks again Obama, for destroying the country, breaking our laws, and taking away from the people and giving to lawbreakers. So now that the seniors can’t find doctors to take them as patients, ‘WHY THE HELL IS A MEDICARE PREMIUM BEING TAKEN OUT OF THEIR CHECKS EACH MONTH?’

  2. Great post!


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