Romney donor bashed by Obama campaign now target of two federal audits

This is a prime example of how desparate Obama is, and how crooked and childish his campaign has become – finding and listing some of the top donors to the Romney Campaign, and trying to intimidate, discredit, and imply of illegal activities.  Hell, the one who is doing all the illegal stuff is Obama, each time he bypasses congress and ignores the Constitution and its laws.  Oh and I’m not a liberal blogger, I am much more openminded and able to come to my own conclusions, and don’t need government to think for me.

It now appears that one by one, the Obama campaign is singling out Romney donors such as Idaho businessman Frank VanderSloot, who is now the subject of 2 audits:  one from the IRS and the other from the Labor Department.  It could be coincidental but the timing suggests otherwise.

Last year, VanderSloot donated $1 million to Romney’s Super Pac, Restore America, then by April he, along with 7 other donors on an Obama campaign website as “wealthy individuals with less-than-reputable  records.”  Fox News

At the time, VanderSloot spoke out and accused the campaign of targeting him  unfairly. Then came the audits.

“It seems coincidental, but who knows,” VanderSloot told Tuesday. “The problem is the president made the list, and 61 days later I get the first  letter. One has to ask: Is the fact I’m being shot at the result of having a  target on my back? … Was the list made with that intent?”  Fox News

Now VanderSloot expected to receive some flack because he is a co-chairman on the Romney campaign, and years of contributing to state and  national races had already exposed him to the rough-and-tumble world of  politics.  But the story gets even better as “liberal bloggers”, which we now will call “Obamanut-ettes”, have made VanderSloot a target, by having an investigator snooping around his local courthouse, looking at divorce records and other cases.

The story though, doesn’t stop there, as VanderSloot owner of the Melaleuca wellness product company,  never expected to be  branded on an presidential campaign website as a “litigious, combative and  bitter foe of the gay rights movement.”

“I had never heard anybody say that,” said VanderSloot, who speculated the  anti-gay claim is largely the result of him about 13 years ago opposing the film “It’s Elementary — Talking about Gay Issues in School” airing on public TV  because it was not suitable for viewing by young children.  “Ninety percent of my gay friends agreed,” he said.  Fox News

Still, the 63-year-old VanderSloot doesn’t think President Obama directly  ordered the audits, because simply allowing the so-called “enemy list” to be  posted on the original “Keeping GOP Honest” site was enough.  He may not have ordered it, but don’t you really think it’s possible he was informed of the plan?

The documents requested by the IRS have been turned over to his accountant,  VanderSloot said, and the Labor Department audit is just getting started, but he  will fully comply and expects no problems.  VanderSloot also said the scrutiny has only strengthened his commitment to stay  engaged in the political system.  And there you have it, how childish politics have become, and how people will go to such extreme lengths to retain power.



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