DOJ refuses to prosecute Holder

Now you see it everyone, once again, Obama cronies think they are above the law, as the Department of Justice informed congress that they won’t be prosecuting Attorney General Eric Holder in a criminal case, as he has done nothing criminal.  Then why is he in contempt of congress?  A prime example of how corrupt this Obama Administration is.

The contempt vote technically opened the door for the House to call on the U.S.  attorney for the District of Columbia to bring the case before a grand jury. But  because U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen works for Holder and because President Obama  has already asserted executive privilege over the documents in question, some  expected Holder’s Justice Department to balk.

 Deputy Attorney General James Cole confirmed in a letter to House Speaker  John Boehner that the department in fact would not pursue prosecution. The  attorney general’s withholding of documents pertaining to Operation Fast and  Furious, he wrote, “does not constitute a crime.”  Fox News

“Therefore the department will not bring the congressional contempt citation  before a grand jury or take any other action to prosecute the attorney general,”  Cole wrote, in the letter obtained by Fox News.

A DOJ official said that the letter was just a formality as ex-Attorney General Michael Mukasey in 2008 also refused to refer two Bush White  House aides to a grand jury after they were held in contempt.  Can’t Obama or his cronies think for themselves, and take the blame instead of pushing it off on Bush when they are cornered?

Of course response from Republicans spoke of their anger as Frederick Hill, spokesman for House Oversight and Government Reform Committee  Chairman Darrell Issa, said “it is regrettable that the political leadership of  the Justice Department is trying to intervene in an effort to prevent the U.S.  attorney for the District of Columbia from making an independent decision about  whether to prosecute this case.”  Fox News

So what this means now is that Republicans will take the second option – take their case to civil court as they seek documents pertaining to Operation  Fast and Furious — which was already the unofficial plan. Along with the  criminal contempt resolution, Republicans also passed a civil contempt measure  Thursday allowing them to go to civil court to try and get an order that would  compel the Obama administration to release the documents.

Thursday night, Issa predicted the Obamanut would order the DOJ not to prosecute Holder.  Issa said that the House has authorized him to assemble  hire staff and legal staff who can pursue civilly through the courts to try to  get a federal judge to order, separately, this discovery.

But the threat of criminal prosecution still looms.  For now, the Obama administration can argue that its executive privilege claim  over the documents protects Holder from the possibility of prosecution.  A civil court though can decide just the opposite.

If the administration still refused to turn over the documents the  Republicans want, then they could start looking at prosecution more  seriously.  Republicans technically have a handful of other options if the Justice  Department still refused to take the case to a grand jury.  Republicans could move to appoint a special prosecutor or even move to impeach.  The last time that happened with a Cabinet member, though, was in 1876 — with  the impeachment trial of war secretary William Belknap.

Besides Machen and Holder think highly of each other so chances of any fair legal dealings here are unlikely, as the deck is stacked, most involved are Obama cronies.  If you remember Machen is one of 2 attorneys that Holder appointed to investigate the security leaks within the Obama Administration, and we know how that will  be.

Meanwhile, Issa continued to add fuel to the debate over Fast and Furious  when he entered into the Congressional Record a letter detailing a secret  wiretap application pertaining to the operation.

In the letter, Issa claimed the affidavit contained “clear information that  agents were willfully allowing known straw buyers to acquire firearms for drug  cartels and failing to interdict them — in some cases even allowing them to  walk to Mexico.”

Fox News


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  1. Harry reyhing

    yes i pray that Issa does not give up.Obama and Holder are innocent until proven guilty.But this is serious an american Bryan Terry and hundreds of murdered mexicans is a very big deal.The liberal media are absolutely despicable in their cover up of this story.They could care less if this administration is involved with gun traffiking or even accessory to murder.The Terry family and all those who were killed and will be killed as a result of “fast and furious” cry out for justice.The American people need to speak up and demand answers.At least watergate did not end up killing anyone.This is shameful and far worse.

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