Supreme Court strikes down most of Arizona immigration law, but leaves key provision in place

The Supreme Court has struck down most of the controversial Arizona immigration law, but upheld  for now a key provision that required police officers to check the immigration  status of those they suspect may be in the country illegally.   But the provision on the mandatory checks during routine stops will now kick back to a lower court for review, and could  still be subject to challenge.

Yet the justices struck down 3 other provisions of the law which were – a crime for  immigrants to look for work without work permits and to not carry their  immigration papers, and let police arrest those whom they suspect committed  crimes for which they could be deported.

The Administration said the law encroached on its authority to enforce immigration law. How can one encroach when the government isn’t enforcing the law as it is, since the Obamanut issued his executive order against it?

Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote the opinion, which was released Monday, on  behalf of the majority.

“Discretion in the enforcement of immigration law embraces immediate human  concerns,” he said. “Unauthorized workers trying to support their families, for  example, likely pose less danger than alien smugglers or aliens who commit a  serious crime. The equities of an individual case may turn on many factors,  including whether the alien has children born in the United States, long ties to  the community, or a record of distinguished military service. Some discretionary  decisions involve policy choices that bear on this Nation’s international  relations.”

He added: “The pervasiveness of federal regulation does not diminish the  importance of immigration policy to the States. Arizona bears many of the  consequences of unlawful immigration.”  Fox News

Hmm, there’s a simple solution anyway to keep immigration under control, cut off all the free stuff that’s handed to them.  No welfare, medical, housing, the loophole tax breaks, etc.  Don’t reward anyone for continually having kids, as that is their foot in the door, then you will never have anyone coming in here legally.



  1. Janet

    also, one immigration Advocate, Puente Arizona director Carlos Garcia said his organization expected the high court to uphold that part of the law. He said Puente will begin reaching out to police departments.

    Garcia said President Barack Obama can put an end to this by having federal immigration officers cease working with local police. So in other words, don’t enforce any immigration laws, just let them keep coming in……

    Fox News

  2. Janet

    Obama issued this statement:

    : “No American should ever live under a cloud of suspicion just because of what they look like.” He said police in Arizona should not enforce the provision in a way that undermines civil rights.

    What does it take to get through to him that illegals aren’t US citizens?

  3. Janet

    Told you Obama was gonna get downright dirty, and not enforce our laws. He’s already got a hotline set up in Arizona for these “illegal criminals who crossed our border”, to turn in police who are doing their job, claiming racial profiling. Obama, you keep it up, you’re digging your pit deeper. We already need hip boots and a shovel when you walk by.

  4. Janet

    Good for Arpaio….he won’t give up no matter what the Obamanut throws at him.

    Arpaio: Obama Is ‘Arrogant’ on Immigration

    Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio tells Newsmax.TV that Monday’s unanimous Supreme Court decision upholding a key provision of his state’s tough immigration law won’t change day-to-day enforcement efforts, but he called the Obama administration’s plan to ignore calls from Grand Canyon State police “arrogant.”


  5. Janet

    Well, so interpretations might as well say that the Arizona people are expendable. Now reports are saying that the DHS has suspended at least five Arizona police agencies of their special powers to make federal immigration arrests.

    Agreements that gave local police the power to make federal immigration arrests were rescinded for the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Mesa and Phoenix police departments and the Yavapai and Pima county sheriff’s offices.


  6. Janet

    And now we hear from Justice Antonin Scalia, who gave the Obamanut hell…..

    Justice Scalia: Obama’s Immigration Stance ‘Boggles the Mind’

    Justice Antonin Scalia took President Barack Obama to task in a scathing 22-page dissent to Monday’s Supreme Court decision striking down the majority of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law, calling Obama’s failure to enforce parts of the Immigration Act “mind boggling.”


  7. Janet

    Federal agents, Arizona officials blast Homeland Security’s ‘business as usual’ approach in wake of Supreme Court ruling

    Read more:

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