Should the Boy Scouts Allow Gay Leaders?

Last month, a lesbian Club scout leader was ousted in Ohio, and now the Boy Scouts of America  is facing intense pressure to abandon its long-time policy of barring homosexuals from serving as Scout leaders.  Jennifer Tyrrell, a Cub Scout den leader from Bridgeport, Ohio, was removed from that position in early April after Boy Scout officials discovered that she was a lesbian. The Scout Oath emphasizes the importance of Boy Scouts being “morally straight,” and homosexual conduct violates that value, BSA officials explained.  New American

Back in 2000, the US Supreme Court ruled that the BSA has the right to bar homosexuals from serving as Scout leaders, finding that opposition to homosexuality was part of the organization’s “expressive message” and to force the BSA to include homosexual leaders would violate the group’s values.   There, case closed.  The decision has been made.

Writing for the 5-4 majority in the case, Chief Justice William Rehnquist explained: “Forcing a group to accept certain members may impair the ability of the group to express those views and only those views, it intends to express.”

In explaining its dismissal of Tyrrell, the BSA said in a statement that it did not think a Scout den “is the right forum for children to become aware of the issue of sexual orientation, or engage in discussions about being gay. Rather, such complex matters should be discussed with parents, caregivers, or spiritual advisers, at the appropriate time and in the right setting.” Nonetheless, the organization said, “Scouting will continue to teach our members to treat everyone with courtesy and respect.”

New American

You see, once again we have them crying discrimination, and they don’t want normal people telling them what to do, but yet gays/lesbians are still trying to force off their lifestyle on others.  But as usual we have Tyrrell still whining taking to the petition website to marshal support for her effort to force the BSA to change its policy barring homosexuals.

Tyrrell has solicited some 280,000 petition signatures in support of her campaign, and those signatures will be presented to BSA officials at a Boy Scout leadership meeting in Florida beginning May 30. While Tyrrell said she would not be able to meet with Boy Scout officials in person, the petitions will be delivered by Zach Wahls, a 20-year-old former Eagle Scout raised by two lesbian partners he considers his parents.

The Los Angeles Times reported that one member of the Ohio River Valley Council of the BSA resigned his Boy Scout position in support of Tyrrell. Board member David J. Sims, a lawyer and longtime Democrat serving on the Ohio County Commission, said that while he did not personally know Tyrrell, “I felt that it was wrong that she was removed as the Tiger Cub leader solely based on her sexual orientation.”

Hello people, the Supreme Court has already ruled here, time to back off and move on.  If an organization, which is their right doesn’t condone that type of lifestyle, they are within their rights legally to deny gay/lesbian leaders. 

The BSA responded to the emotional display by noting that “Scouting is composed of millions of youth members and adult volunteers, in councils across the nation, who represent diverse communities with a variety of beliefs about this issue. We value the freedom of everyone to express their opinion and believe to disagree does not mean to disrespect.”  New American

The BSA sets polices that are best for its organization and membership. Longtime followers of the Boy Scouts said it appeared unlikely that the organization would change its position about allowing homosexuals to serve as Scout leaders. 



  1. The answer is yes — yes, they should. An organization that discriminates based on sexual orientation is just as bad as one that discriminates based on race, religion, or gender. My scout leaders never discussed their sexuality to me, and from what I’ve read, neither did Ms. Tyrrell.

  2. Janet

    On the contrary. This is a private organization, therefore they set their own rules. And this has already been settled in the US Supreme Court. If one doesn’t believe in that lifestyle, since when is it to be allowed to be forced upon one?

  3. Discrimination is discrimination no matter if it’s from a government organization or a private organization. Would you defend the Boy Scouts’ right to not allow black den leaders if they so chose? No one is forcing a gay “lifestyle” on Boy Scouts, especially not Ms. Tyrrell.

  4. Janet

    There is no discrimination….organizations if private can make their own codes, and if one doesn’t want to follow them, then don’t be surprised if that said organization enforces their rules. And this isn’t about race, it’s about a lifestyle, which the Boy Scouts apparently don’t consider something that should be around kids….it’s their choice to make the rules, the Supreme Court ruled.

  5. I think I see what the problem is. You think homosexuality is a choice.

  6. Janet

    It is a choice, no one is born that way. A baby as soon as it’s born can’t say, oops, I’m gay…..sexual preference is a choice, either bisexual, heterosexual, or gay/lesbian……no way around it…..

  7. Don

    Why would a gay person want to be in an organization tha doesn’t allow them? Baden-Powell in England started the Boy Scout movement . He devised rules, advancement procedures and obligations. Many people believe his goals and qualifications to be good ones. Some do not. People that are gay are free to form their own organization with paralell or even opposite rules and goals if they so choose and can allow whomever they want into the organization.

  8. Janet

    These guys have been listening to Obama too long. How the hell can allowing gay people around kids make the organization better? They are nuttier than a fruitcake on this. The policies have been set, and the court has ruled. Let it be.

    Boy Scouts board member: Drop gay ban

    Boy Scouts of America board member James Turley said the organization should drop its ban on openly gay Scouts and leaders.


  9. Janet

    And now it’s finally over. If the gays want a boy scouts organization, nothing is stopping them from forming one. As is the Boy Scouts are a private organization. And US Supreme Court already ruled on the matter, end of discussion.

    Boy Scouts reaffirm policy denying membership to gays

    The Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday said the organization would continue to deny gay people membership, saying that the policy “is in the best interest of Scouting.”


  10. Janet

    Boy Scouts Affirm Policy Excluding Homosexual Leaders

    Following a two-year closed-door review, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has announced that it will continue with its policy of excluding practicing homosexuals from membership and leadership positions within its ranks.

    New American

  11. Janet

    Nothing is stopping the gays from creating their own boy scouts. And since this is a private organization, it’s their choice to make.

  12. Janet

    As Eagle Scouts return medals, gay ban still firm

    My Northwest

  13. Janet

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before the almighty Obama would stick his nose in where it doesn’t belong. Remember: The Boy Scouts is a private organization, and the US Supreme Court has ruled, as a private organization, they have the right to set policies. Now it so happens they don’t want gays around the boys, end of it. But now Lord Obama has said this isn’t right, he opposes that decision. When will he learn to keep his nose out of things that don’t concern him? So he loves gays, needs their votes. That doesn’t mean he has any legal right to put pressure on the scouts to admit or allow gay leaders. If Obama love the gays, then help them create their own organization, as they also have that right, and set their own policies. Meanwhile, the Boy Scouts issued the following statement:

    “The Boy Scouts of America respects the opinions of President Obama and appreciates his recognition that Scouting is a valuable organization,” it said. “We believe that good people can personally disagree on this topic and still work together to accomplish the common good.”

    And Romney’s response:

    “I support the right of the Boy Scouts of America to decide what it wants to do on that issue,” Romney said then. “I feel that all people should be able to participate in the Boy Scouts regardless of their sexual orientation.”

    Fox News

  14. Janet

    Have our young people ever been brainwashed. No way are gays discriminated by not being allowed in the Boy Scouts. Move on. If these idiot people want to turn in their badges, who cares? The Boy Scouts according to a US Supreme Court ruling, is a “private” organization, therefore, by law, can write their own rules. If these “boys” want to defend the gays, and turn in their badges, go ahead. Nothing is stopping gays from creating their own organization, but they expect their lifestyle to be accepted by those who don’t believe the same as they do.

    Eagle Scouts give back their badges

    Some Eagle Scouts say they are returning their hard-earned badges in protest of the Boy Scouts of America’s policy banning openly gay members.


  15. Janet

    Hmm, another one is speaking out against allowing gays in the Boy Scouts.

    Gov. Perry: Boy Scouts Should Keep No-Gay Policy

    Gov. Rick Perry said emphatically Saturday that the Boy Scouts of America shouldn’t soften its strict no-gays membership policy, and suggested that bending the organization to the whims of popular culture is wrong.


  16. Janet

    Okay,, now this is getting interesting. As I said before, the Supreme Court has ruled that since the Boy Scouts are a private organization, they can set policy. Now, it appears that scout leaders, members, and parents are fighting back, telling the organization not to change policy.

    Campaign to ‘keep sex and politics out of Scouting’


  17. Janet

    We now have the first casualty among the gays allowed in the Boy Scouts….and rightly so, as he planned on using this to recruit more gays.

    Gay Boy Scout leader gets the boot from south Seattle troop

    My Northwest

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