Hollywood returning to Obama fold

The Hollywood liberals once again, have decided to back the Obamanut in his bid for re-election, but we expected that as most of Hollywood tends to endorse Democrats.  Obama is starting to lure Hollywood donors back into the fold after his decision earlier this year to side with Internet companies over an antipiracy measure angered the entertainment industry and left many of them slow to open their checkbooks.   Just think, so much of that wasted money could go for balancing the defict….but if Hollywood wants to waste their money on an inexperienced leader, so be it.

On Saturday actor George Clooney sais that a fundraising dinner at his Los Angeles home on May 10 would raise $10 million for the president’s re-election, the largest amount ever for a single Obama campaign event. If true, that would exceed the sum the Obama campaign raised from the entertainment industry in the 2008 presidential race.

And the Obamanut campaign said that Mr. Clooney’s number may be inflated, but they concurred that the event, priced at $40,000 a person, is likely to be lucrative. And it may signal that Mr. Obama successfully mollified dismayed Hollywood executives when he personally called them in the wake of the January antipiracy decision.

“I believe the next event we have out here will be among the most successful events that we’ve had for him or anybody,” said Jeffrey Katzenberg, chief executive of DreamWorks Animation SKG Inc. and dinner co-host.

“All I know is it’s the biggest fundraiser so far to date-ever,” Mr. Clooney said in an interview at the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner Saturday. He sat close to the head table as a guest of Time magazine and chatted with the president, who greeted him with a “Hey, George.”

“Right now we’ve raised about $10 million for the fundraiser, which is about double anything that’s ever been done before,” Mr. Clooney said.  Fox News




  1. mikenestor

    While influence can get you places, I’m not sure this is going to be a successful tactic a second time around. Obama has been quick to flaunt this kind of association, albeit to a moaning and tired press. The correspondent’s dinner demonstrated the uncomfortable and waning support some of the big names in the business are starting to have toward the President.

    Great post, looks like things are going to get very interesting in November.

  2. Janet

    Now this should be illegal, if one votes in this country one should be a citizen and live here not abroad…..proves, the Obamanut is losing his donors when perverted Hollywood must go to Europe to drum up money to re-elect the liar in chief.

    Clooney to raise money for Obama in Geneva

    Fox News

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