DHS buys 450 million rounds of ammunition: shortage coming

Back in March, Alliant Techsystems, or ATK, made an anouncement they had been awarded a huge contract to produce up to 450 million rounds of .40 S&W caliber jacketed hollow point ammunition for the Departments of Homeland Security (HSA) and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).  ATK is one of the largest suppliers to the Defense Department with more than 18,000 employees in 22 states including the largest small caliber manufacturing facility in the western world located in Lake City, Missouri.

This prompted blogger Mike Adams to ask, “What does DHS intend to do with 450 million rounds of barrier-piercing hollow point ammunition?”   New American

The type of ammunition bought by the DHS is too costly, and isn’t used for practice.  Secondly, hollow point ammunition is “the kind of ammo used by police officers who want to shatter the bad guy’s sternum as quickly as possible and thereby bring him to the ground…” Thirdly, DHS is a domestic agency and therefore, according to Adams, this means the DHS is contracting to buy 450 million rounds of hollow point ammo can only mean DHS plans to need this this ammo to be used against the American people.

Adams dug a little deeper and discovered that a presentation that Maj. General Buford C. Blount III made before the Tactical Air and Land Forces Subcommittee of the House Committee on Armed Services back in 2004.  After careful examination of the presentation, Adams concluded that 450 million rounds is enough ammunition to wage war on the American people for ten years.

But the fact is that there is already an ammunitions shortage starting to appear across the country. 

In Killeen, Texas, for example, David Cheadle, manager for local gun shop Guns Galore, said that “in the last month, I’ve noticed that when I call [my] distributors, there’s really nothing available.” It could just be driven by people receiving their income tax refunds he said but “whether there’s another force behind it, I don’t know.”  New American

On the market, there is no inexpensive ammo to be found.  This has been confirmed by Johnny Wade, owner of Nocked and Loaded.  Wade added: “I don’t know if it is the anticipation that things are going to get bad or if the Obama administration got back in there [for a second term], that there would be a push to get the guns.”

New American

Meanwhile, gun trainer and enthusiast, Bob Joly tried to order some .223 caliber ammunition from several of his favorite suppliers and each of his orders was put on back order until sometime in September.   Yet on the other hand, the shortage of ammo has been attributed to foreign countries stockpile for when American troops withdraw. 

Massad Ayoob, nationally known Second Amendment supporter and writer, doesn’t see anything out of the ordinary.  Much has been made of Homeland Security’s recent contract with ATK for 450 million rounds of Federal HST 180 grain hollow point ammo, caliber .40 Smith & Wesson. I don’t see that as a harbinger of martial law and civil war as some do. Being in law enforcement myself, I’ve seen the severe shortages that have plagued even police agencies in the last several years. The contract is for up to all those millions of cartridges, and may mean nothing more malignant than that a huge government agency wants a contractual guarantee that they’ll be able to get enough to train and qualify their people, even if their actual deliveries never come close to the top level to which that contract holds the manufacturer.

New American

Another factor is the fact that gun sales have gone up over 60% since Obama took office in 2008.  Also, checking with the Texas State Rifle Association legislative director Alice Tripp, she has not fielded any complaints from suppliers.  The Texas afilliate of the NRA says people are afraid their second Amendment rights will soon be taken away.

Ayoob says:

If you’re a reloader, stock up on components, particularly primers. Keep both components and loaded ammo in a cool, dry place. If nothing else, if inflation runs rampant and turns hundred dollar bills into toilet paper, ammo is always worthwhile for barter…  New American




  1. Janet

    This now has lawmakers wanting answers, but Lord Obama isn’t speaking. Now remember this enough ammo for “training”, for 100 years….



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