Senate Dems pushing bill to block Arizona immigration law if Supreme Court upholds it

Once again, if the Us Supreme Court sides in with the state of Arizona, over its immigration law, we have Democrats planning an attack to try and block it.  Seems Democrats just like the Obamanut, think they can overrule the highest court in the land.  On Tuesday Sen Chuck Schumer put forth his proposal which doesn’t stand a chance of passing in the House which is Republican controlled.

But it marks the latest preemptive challenge by Democrats to a high-stakes Supreme Court decision.   On Wednesday, the challenge reaches the US Supreme Court.  This comes just weeks after Obama warned the “unelected” judges against overturning his landmark domestic policy accomplishment — claiming such a move would be “unprecedented.”

And Schumer’s message carries the same warning, if the high court upholds the law, the congressional proposal would be a direct rebuke to that decision.  

“Immigration has not and never has been an area where states are able to exercise independent authority,” Schumer said Tuesday at a Capitol Hill hearing, where he announced he would introduce the proposal should the Supreme Court “ignore” the “plain and unambiguous statements of congressional intent” and uphold the Arizona law.

Fox News

He said the proposal would only allow states to arrest illegal immigrants if they are operating under an “explicit agreement” with Washington and are being supervised by federal officials. Plus he said the proposal would preempt state governments from enacting their own employment verification laws.

“States like Arizona and Alabama will no longer be able to get away with saying they’re simply helping the federal government … to enforce the law when they are really writing their own laws and knowingly deploying untrained officers with the mission of arresting anyone and everyone who might fit the preconceived profile of an illegal immigrant.”

Fox News

The Sen Jon Kyl objected to the hearing  and suggested Democrats were trying to influence the court.

“I will not participate in today’s hearing because it is strictly political theater. The timing of the hearing just one day ahead of the Supreme Court’s review of the law suggests that its purpose is either to influence the court’s decision or to garner publicity,” he said in a statement. “The Supreme Court will decide the case on its merits and that is how it should be.”   Fox News

Wednesday’s Supreme Court case will have national implications, though Arizona is the only state directly involved. Several other states, including Georgia and Alabama, have followed Arizona’s lead in implementing their own individually tailored immigration laws. 

The Obama administration challenged Arizona on the grounds that its immigration law was a flagrant state overreach.  “Arizona shoulders a disproportionate burden of the national problem of illegal immigration,” attorney Paul Clement argued in his brief. He argued that enforcement attention in California and Texas has turned the Arizona border into a funnel for illegal immigrants, with a third of illegal border crossings occurring there.

Fox News

The attorney described Arizona’s law as a response to an “emergency situation” — with illegal immigrants soaking up millions of state dollars in health care and education, posing safety risks to ranchers and cutting into the state’s job market.   And 2 of thekey statutes which have been blocked and will be at issue in Wednesday’s arguments, are provisions to bar illegal immigrations from seeking a job and to require law enforcement to check the immigration status of anyone they suspect of being in the country illegally in the course of a routine stop.

A ruling is expected this summer, amid the presidential election.


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  1. Janet

    US Supreme Court to weigh Arizona immigration law

    The US Supreme Court is considering yet another highly politically charged case – this time over a controversial immigration law.


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