DOJ news release says Holder lied

Last May, at a Congressional Committee hearing, Attorney General Eric Holder gave false information, about the ATF operations, that tied the failed plan to the deaths of 2 US Border agents.  And there’s now proof.  With the newly released information, it indicates that U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder’s actions are squarely behind the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) operation known as “Fast and Furious”, which orchestrated the delivery of almost 2,000 weapons to Mexican drug cartels.

While in Mexico, making a speech in 2009, Holder openly proclaimed his connection to the operation.  But then in May of 2011, he told Congress “I probably heard of Fast and Furious the first time in the last few weeks.”

The ATF weapons smuggling ring had involved the arrests of several government officials with the city of Columbus, New Mexico including the mayor and police chief, but that is all.  It was known from the beginning, that these people were involved, and the weapons deals with straw buyers were videotaped.  The smuggled weapons from the US were mostly semi automatic versions of military weapons like the AK-47, were found to be used in the shooting deaths of two U.S. federal agents.

Now with the help of photojournalist Robert Plumlee, a former CIA asset, the operation was exposed, and that around 1,800 weapons were funneled through the Chaparral Gun Store in Chaparral, New Mexico, and into the hands of the murderous cartels.  And as noted, the gunshop was directly tied to the mayor, police chief and city council of Columbus, New Mexico, a town famous for the Pancho Villa border raids a century before.

And after the death of Border Agent Brian Terry, weapons from Project Gunrunner were found in the Arizona desert at the scene of the crime.  For those who don’t know, Terry was involved in a shootout with drug cartel members.  And upon further investigation, a weapon used to kill ICE agent Jaime Zapata. 

Sworn testimony from Holder, video transcribed:

But on Friday July 8, an article was published, The Stimulation of Murder, by Investor’s Business Daily, explained that A.G. Holder was, in spite of his denial, fully aware of the ATF’s gun-running to Mexico operations, to the point that it was fully disclosed in President Barack Obama’s Stimulus Bill.

“Right there in the stimulus bill that no one in Congress bothered to read is $10 million for Project Gunrunner (aka Operation Fast and Furious), which resulted in the death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and increased drug cartel violence”.

So the above proves that Holder lied, the Obama Administration gave the go ahead for the project to begin.  Now Robert Plumlee did further investigate weapons sold in Mexico and discovered that of 3 major stores in Mexico, there were many ‘high impact weapons’ which include anti-aircraft guns, rocket propelled grenade launchers and mortars. These weapons are of U.S. origin, they are ample and they include the latest and most deadly, the same high tech weaponry currently deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

No one has the exact count, but those weapons are estimated to be in the thousands, which also included knock off Mexican army uniforms.  With the battle for control of the Mexican drug trade, moving towards a possible revolution either way,  the end results do not look good, particularly with major supplies of brand new U.S. weapons in the Zetas’ control.  (Zeta Military Cartel).  And Los Zetas does not want the drug war to end. They are known for entering drug rehab facilities in Mexico and killing every single person in the building. The end of the drug war would lead to legalization of marijuana as a health treatment on a federal level and this move would devastate the current U.S. pharmaceutical industry.

This is very likely why Eric Holder reversed the federal government’s position last week on state laws over medical marijuana.   He has now warned all states that the DOJ will prosecute medical cannabis users and program, regardless of state law.  So their plan failed, which is possibly why the crackdown on medical marijuana laws.  Which now connects Purdue Pharmaceuticals, that has been exposed as a company for very serious criminal behavior.  One such drug under scrutiny involves claimes that Oxycontin wasn’t lethal or addictive, whcih then had two U.S. Attorneys convicting several top level Purdue executives for falsely advertising the drug as both non-lethal and non-addictive. That may stand as one of the most outrageous claims ever made by a supposedly legitimate U.S. business.

But where does Holder come into this part of the equasion?

The connection is that long before Eric Holder was lying to Congress over the U.S. role in Border Patrol and Immigration Customs Enforcement agent’s deaths tied to U.S. supplied weapons in Mexico, he was one of a lawyer for Purdue, at this dark point in their business history.

Eric Holder negotiated an OxyContin settlement in West Virginia – working for Purdue Pharma.  Writer Marianne Skolek, reveals how Holder not only shielded Purdue over falsely advertising the drug Oxycontin which has led to tens of thousands of related deaths, but also how his actions in arranging a settlement actually allowed the drug to become the epidemic it is.  And all the while, Holder is at the center of these controversies.

And there are reports of cartels financing U.S. politicians who have ties to the pharmaceutical industry. There are extremely solid reports of caches of large amounts of weapons that are too vast to have “fallen off the back of a truck”.

Even when under oath, it appears Holder won’t tell the truth.  As congress investigates Project Gunrunner further, we are bound to be in for more surprises, as to what the Administration knew, and who are involved.



  1. He Was There

    WOW! And we Americans have not been informed about this by the Mainstream Media? This is one hell of a documented story and nothing is being done about it? These people have put their lives on the line for us. Write your Congressman and get a Grand Jury to look into this and bring those responsible to justice.

  2. Janet

    One must remember that the general media is liberal based, therefore, important news at times isn’t investigated or released.

  3. Janet

    Issa, Grassley: DoJ Prepped Fast and Furious Witnesses

    Department of Justice witnesses appearing before a congressional inquiry into allegations of gunrunning were prepped about what to say, Rep. Darrell Issa and Sen. Charles Grassley contend.

  4. Janet

    As the investigation progresses, more shady dealings are exposed, such as “Operation Castaway”, an offshoot of the GunRunner case.

    ATF Florida Gun Probe Earns Congressional Scrutiny in Wake of ‘Fast and Furious’

    Several lawmakers are questioning the Obama administration about whether the controversial “Fast and Furious” gunrunning probe may have had a cousin in Florida that resulted in guns being trafficked to Central America.

  5. Janet

    Were gun-smuggling cartel figures FBI informants?
    ‘Fast and Furious’: ATF apparently knew nothing, even though it was in charge

  6. Janet

    ATF Chief Admits Mistakes in ‘Fast and Furious,’ Accuses Holder Aides of Stonewalling Congress

    The head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has admitted that his agency, in at least one instance, allowed sales of high-powered weapons without intercepting them — and he accuses his superiors at the Justice Department of stonewalling Congress to protect political appointees in the scandal over those decisions.

  7. Janet

    Operation Fast and Furious: The Straw Buyers

    When the Operation Fast and Furious indictment was announced back in January, it was depicted as a big bust. Twenty suspects were charged with numerous counts of conspiracy, money laundering, gun running and drug trafficking. The defendants faced 5 to 20 years on a single count.

  8. Janet

    What led to ‘Project Gunwalker’?

    Ten days before Christmas, ATF agent John Dodson awoke, got his morning coffee, switched on the TV news — and heard the words he had dreaded every day of every month he had been a member of the gun-trafficking investigative team called the Group VII Strike Force.

  9. Janet

    Senator Blasts ATF’s Reported Promotion of Supervisors in Ill-Fated Gun Operation

    A top Republican senator slammed the Justice Department for reportedly promoting the supervisors of the failed anti-gunrunning sting operation Fast and Furious, which is under a federal and congressional investigation after weapons linked to program were used in a December attack in Mexico that killed a U.S. border patrol agent.

  10. Janet

    Guns From ‘Fast and Furious’ Sting Linked to 11 More Violent Crimes

    Weapons from the failed federal operation “Fast and Furious” have reportedly been linked to 11 more violent crimes in the U.S., including in place like Arizona and Texas where a total of 42 weapons were seized.

  11. Janet

    Grassley: Holder Thwarts ATF Sting Inquiry

    Attorney General Eric Holder has broken an agreement with Republicans by refusing fully to respond to questions on the growing Fast and Furious scandal, Sen. Charles Grassley alleges in an exclusive Newsmax interview.

  12. Janet

    Sources: ATF Director to Be Reassigned Amid Fast and Furious Uproar

    The acting director of the Justice Department division caught up in a firearms trafficking scandal is being removed from his post, sources told Fox News on Tuesday.

    Fox News

  13. Janet

    Evidence Suggests Cover-Up in ATF Scandal, as More Guns Appear at Crime Scenes

    Just hours after the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, federal officials tried to cover up evidence that the gun that killed Terry was one the government intentionally helped sell to the Mexican cartels in a weapons trafficking program known as Operation Fast and Furious.

    Fox News

  14. Janet

    Holder Denies Prior Knowledge of ‘Fast and Furious’

    The head of the U.S. Justice Department launched his strongest personal defense yet in the growing furor over Operation Fast and Furious, the controversial sting targeting Mexican drug cartels and American gunrunners.

    Fox News

  15. Janet

    EXCLUSIVE: Third Gun Linked to ‘Fast and Furious’ Identified at Border Agent’s Murder Scene

    A third gun linked to “Operation Fast and Furious” was found at the murder scene of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, new documents obtained exclusively by Fox News suggest, contradicting earlier assertions by federal agencies that police found only two weapons tied to the federal government’s now infamous gun interdiction scandal.

    Fox News

  16. Janet

    Rep. Issa: Holder Is Incompetent

    California GOP Rep. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee says Attorney General Eric Holder is “so inept that he may be a danger as attorney general” and that President Barack Obama should consider firing him. Issa’s comments came on the Laura Ingraham show, where he discussed the “Fast and Furious” gun-tracking program, The Hill reports.


  17. Janet

    The Fed and Operation Twist

    In a series of secretly recorded audio tapes, the owner of the gun store that sold a record number of weapons in Operation Fast and Furious admittedly sounds arrogant, crude and complicit in the U.S. government’s plan to sell high powered assault rifles to the Sinaloa Cartel.

    Fox News

  18. Janet

    Republicans Step Up Pressure on Holder as More Details Surface on ‘Fast and Furious’

    Congressional Republicans once again are turning up the heat on Attorney General Eric Holder, asking more questions about whether he had a role in the controversial anti-gunrunning operation known as “Fast and Furious.”

    Fox News

  19. Janet

    U.S. Government Bought and Sold Weapons During ‘Fast and Furious,’ Documents Show

    Not only did U.S. officials approve, allow and assist in the sale of more than 2,000 guns to the Sinaloa cartel — the federal government used taxpayer money to buy semi-automatic weapons, sold them to criminals and then watched as the guns disappeared.

    Fox News

  20. Janet

    Documents Suggest Holder Knew About ‘Fast and Furious’ Earlier Than He Claimed

    For the first time, documents appear to show Attorney General Eric Holder was made aware of the Operation Fast and Furious earlier than he claimed — up to 9 nine months earlier.

    Fox News

  21. Janet

    Holder Challenges ‘Fast and Furious’ Allegations in Scathing Letter to Congress

    Attorney General Eric Holder, under new pressure from Republicans over when he learned of “Operation Fast and Furious,” has mounted his most forceful defense to date, accusing critics of using “irresponsible and inflammatory rhetoric” and insisting his statements have been “truthful and accurate.”

    Fox News

  22. Janet

    Guns From ‘Fast and Furious’ Reportedly Found in Home of Suspected Mexican Drug Cartel Enforcer

    Assault weapons lost under the Fast and Furious gun surveillance program have been found in the Mexican home of the alleged leader of a massive drug cartel, according to The Los Angeles Times.

    Fox News

  23. Janet

    Senate Unanimously Passes Amendment Banning Funds for Fast and Furious-Style Programs

    The U.S. Senate unanimously voted in favor of an amendment Wednesday that guarantees zero funding for programs that include the transfer of firearms to drug cartels unless law enforcement continuously monitors the weapons “at all times.”

    Fox News

  24. Janet

    Napolitano Grilled Over ‘Fast and Furious,’ Likens Hearing to Cross Examination

    House Republicans on Wednesday turned their sharp questioning over “Operation Fast and Furious” toward Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, who acknowledged her agents were twice told to “stand down” in deference to what she called a “very troublesome” operation.

    Fox News

  25. Janet

    Holder Agrees to Testify on Operation Fast and Furious

    Attorney General Eric Holder has agreed to appear before the House Judiciary Committee on Dec. 8 to talk about Operation Fast and Furious.

    Fox News

  26. Janet

    Obama Court Pick Grilled at Senate Hearing Over Knowledge of Operation Fast and Furious

    Kevin Ohlson served as Attorney General Eric Holder’s chief of staff from January 2009 to January this year, but he says he knew nothing about so-called gun-walking operations that were going on during that time through the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

    Fox News

  27. Janet

    Holder Suggests ‘Fast and Furious’ Guns Will Be Used in Crimes for ‘Years to Come’

    Attorney General Eric Holder suggested Thursday that weapons lost during the course of the failed “Fast and Furious” gunrunning operation will continue to show up at crime scenes in the U.S. and Mexico “for years to come.”

    Fox News

  28. Janet

    Issa subpoenas prosecutor in Fast and Furious probe

    A House committee looking into the flawed gun smuggling investigation called Operation Fast and Furious has subpoenaed a federal prosecutor in Arizona for questioning.

    Fox News

  29. Janet

    Federal official in Arizona to plead the fifth and not answer questions on ‘furious’

    The chief of the Criminal Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Arizona is refusing to testify before Congress regarding Operation Fast and Furious, the federal gun-running scandal that sent U.S. weapons to Mexico.

    Fox News

  30. Janet

    Justice Dept. turns over 500 additional pages in Fast and Furious probe

    The Justice Department has turned over nearly 500 additional pages of emails and other material to a House committee that has been investigating a controversial smuggling probe called Operation Fast and Furious for most of the past year.

    Fox News

  31. Janet

    In new ‘Fast and Furious’ report, Democrats clear Justice appointees of wrongdoing

    Democrats investigating the failed gun-running probe known as “Operation Fast and Furious” are laying the blame at the feet of officials in Arizona, saying in a new report that lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have “obtained no evidence” implicating high-level political appointees in Washington.

    Fox News

  32. Janet

    Agents appeared to have probable cause to arrest Fast and Furious suspect, documents show

    Documents released Thursday show that federal agents appeared to have probable cause to arrest the biggest buyer of assault weapons in the Fast and Furious operation — eight months before Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death ended the scandal-ridden program.

    Fox News

  33. Janet

    Did White House know about Fast & Furious? ‘I don’t know,’ Holder testifies

    Attorney General Eric Holder appeared to frustrate House GOP lawmakers Thursday when asked which high-ranking Obama administration officials knew about an ill-conceived tactic in the Justice Department’s Fast and Furious weapons sting.

    Fox News

  34. Janet

    Congressional report blames five ATF employees for Fast and Furious debacle

    Congressional Republican investigators have singled out five employees in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to blame for the botched anti-gunrunning operation known as Fast and Furious, in a report on the scandal obtained by Fox News.

    Fox News

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