Ecoli outbreak has Austria checking stores for source

On Monday Austrian officials began inspecting stores for Spanish vegetables suspected of contamination with a potentially fatal bacteria that has sickened hundreds of Europeans. In Germany, the death toll from the outbreak rose to 11.  Meanwhile in Spain, officials went on the defensive saying there was no proof that the E. coli outbreak has been caused by Spanish vegetables.

Spain’s Secretary of State for European Affairs, Diego Lopez Garrido, said Madrid might take action against those pointing fingers at his southern European nation.  “You can’t attribute the origin of this sickness to Spain,” Lopez Garrido told reporters in Brussels. “There is no proof and that’s why we are going to demand accountability from those who have blamed Spain for this matter.”  Olympian

Inspectors in Austria went to 33 organic supermarkets Monday to make sure Spanish vegetables suspected of contamination have been taken off shelves. The move came after a recall and sales ban of cucumbers, tomatoes and eggplants that originated in Spain and were delivered to stores in Austria by German companies.

“If anything is found to be left over, it will be tested and taken off the market,” Austrian Health Ministry spokesman Fabian Fusseis said.  Olympian

There are 2 German tourists whom have tested positive for enterohaemorrhagic E.coli, also known as EHEC, no so-called homegrown cases have been reported.  But in Germany on Monday, the death toll has risen to 11, and officials say they know that Spanish cucumbers tainted with EHEC have carried the bacteria, they still have not been able to determine the exact source. 

“We have found the so-called EHEC pathogens on cucumbers, but that does not mean that they are responsible for the whole outbreak,” Andreas Hensel, president of Germany’s Federal Institute for Risk Assessment, said on ZDF television.


Still Spanish Health Minister Leire Pajin, said no Spanish cases have been reported, urged Germany to speed up its probe and establish proof of what has caused the outbreak. Germany’s allegations “create alarm and affect the producers of a country without any evidence,” she said. 

Also on Monday, in Poland, a woman has been hospitalized in serious condition after returning from a trip to the northern German city of Hamburg, where at least 467 cases of intestinal infection have been recorded.  Of those 91 cases, more are severe hemolytic uremic syndrome, but the officials noted on Monday that the number of new diarrhea cases was declining. HUS is a rare complication arising from infection associated with the E. coli bacterium.

Then Czech officals have tested 120 potentially tainted Spanish cucumbers, but the results aren’t in yet.  No illnesses have been reported.  Italy, meanwhile, the country’s paramilitary Carabinieri tainted food squad has been on the lookout since Saturday for any contaminated cucumbers, checking imports from Spain, the Netherlands and other European countries. So far, lab analyses have come back negative, and no cases of food poisoning have been reported.

So Italians are urged to support their locall growers so there is no need to import.  From spain currently in Italy, supermarkets are full of peaches, apricots, cherries and plums.  the country imported some 8 million kilograms (17 million pounds) from Spain last year. Two greenhouses in Spain were identified as the source of the contaminated cucumbers had ceased activities, and the water and soil are being examined to see whether they were the problem, and the results are expected Tuesday or Wednesday,, according to EU spokesman Frederic Vincent. 

On Friday the EU notified member states of the outbreak which has affected primarily the Hamburg area of Germany and, to a lesser extent, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.



  1. Janet

    Crisis team meets as E. Coli death toll hits 13

    As Germany’s health and political leaders called a crisis meeting on Monday afternoon to discuss the ongoing E. coli outbreak, authorities confirmed a thirteenth person had been killed by the deadly bacteria.

  2. Janet

    Farmers set to sue over E. coli warning

    Farmers are threatening to sue German health authority the Robert Koch Institute and the Federal Consumer Ministry for damages over warnings about eating vegetables made to the public in the wake of the E. coli bacteria outbreak.

  3. Janet

    Lest we forget, ecoli is from human feces….hmm, did someone go in the fields and not wash? It has to come from some type of food, then it can be passed on by bodily contact.

    Spanish cucumbers not behind E. coli outbreak

    German health authorities were forced to restart their search for the cause of a deadly E. coli outbreak, after researchers Tuesday declared Spanish cucumbers were not infected with the same lethal bacteria.

  4. Janet

    European E. Coli Outbreak Kills 16, Sickens 1,150

    A massive and unprecedented outbreak of bacterial infections linked to contaminated vegetables claimed two more lives in Europe on Tuesday, driving the death toll to 16. The number of sick rose to more than 1,150 people in at least eight nations.

    Fox News

  5. Janet

    Deadly E. coli infections still rising in Germany

    German researchers are still trying to identify the source of a deadly E. coli outbreak after Spanish cucumbers were found not to have the lethal strain.

  6. Janet

    and an update

    E. coli outbreak is a new strain

    The World Health Organization says the E. coli outbreak in Germany is a completely new strain of the bacteria.

  7. Janet

    E. coli fear grips Hamburg hospitals

    Stephanie Lucka lives in fear – both her sons fell sick to a mysterious killer bacteria that has struck some 600 people in this north German city. One is still fighting for his life.

  8. Janet

    New Strain of E. Coli Reaches U.S.

    Health officials said Thursday three people in the United States are suspected to have fallen ill from E. coli bacteria after traveling to Germany where the mystery outbreak has led to the deaths of 18 people and sickened at least 1,600.

    Fox News

  9. Janet

    NFU fears EU cucumbers will drive down prices

    British farmers are concerned that the E. coli outbreak in Europe will drive down prices for local producers.

  10. Janet

    German Chancellor to Seek EU Help for Wronged Spanish Farmers

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to push for European Union financial assistance for Spanish farmers whose export income dropped sharply after German officials erroneously blamed them for causing the deadly outbreak of E. coli bacteria.

  11. Janet

    4 in US now linked to German E. coli outbreak

    Four people in the U.S. were apparently sickened by the food poisoning outbreak in Europe, health officials said Friday. Three are hospitalized with a serious complication.

  12. Janet

    Search for E. coli clues leads to Lübeck eatery

    German health authorities scrambling to find the source of a deadly E. coli outbreak are zeroing in on a restaurant in Lübeck. Reports also say a harbour festival that took place in Hamburg in May could be linked to the killer bug.

  13. Janet

    US steps up German, Spanish produce checks

    The United States is inspecting all imports of cucumbers, lettuce and tomatoes from Germany and Spain, officials said Friday, as the outbreak spread to 12 countries.

  14. Janet

    E. Coli Outbreak Likely Caused by Beansprouts

    Health authorities say locally grown beansprouts in northern Germany have been identified as the likely cause of an outbreak of E. coli that has killed at least 22 people and sickened hundreds in Europe.

    Fox News

  15. Janet

    E. coli outbreak: First tests from German farm negative

    The first tests from a northern German farm suspected of being the source of an E. coli outbreak are negative, officials in Lower Saxony say.

  16. Janet

    Authorities still hunting for E. coli source

    Germany will maintain a health warnings for sprouts as well as tomatoes, lettuce and cucumbers despite initial negative tests for deadly E. coli bacteria, Minister Ilse Aigner said Monday.

  17. Janet

    WHO: Time running out to solve E. coli outbreak

    An expert at the World Health Organization says time is running out for German investigators to find the source of the world’s deadliest E. coli outbreak, which has spread fear across Europe and cost farmers millions in exports.

  18. Janet

    E.Coli Payout To Run Into Hundreds Of Millions

    Sky News

  19. Janet

    E. coli: Germany says worst of illness is over

    Germany’s health minister says new E. coli infections from a deadly outbreak are dropping significantly and the worst of the illness is over.

  20. Janet

    Dutch find different E. coli, pull beet sprouts

    Dutch authorities recalled red beet sprouts from three countries Thursday after samples were found to be contaminated with a strain of E. coli bacteria that was apparently less dangerous than the one causing Europe’s deadly E. coli crisis.

  21. Janet

    Germany: Sprouts clearly caused E. coli outbreak

    German vegetable sprouts caused the E. coli outbreak that has killed 31 people and sickened nearly 3,100, investigators announced Friday after tracking links to the bacteria from patients in hospital beds to restaurants and then farm fields.

  22. Janet

    Hospitals Reach Limits in E.coli Crisis

    Blood specialist Dr. Cay-Uwe von Seydewitz has been making his rounds 16 to 18 hours a day, seven days a week, since the outbreak of a deadly bacterial epidemic.

  23. Janet

    Farm behind E. coli not likely to face prosecution

    German officials say that the likely source of the deadly E. coli epidemic, a vegetable sprout farm in Lower Saxony, will probably not face criminal prosecution.

  24. Janet

    E. coli death rate growing in Germany

    A hundred people are in critical condition in Germany due to E. coli infections, officials say.

  25. Janet

    E. Coli outbreak prompts public health reforms

    As Germany’s deadly E. coli outbreak slowly peters out, Health Minister Daniel Bahr says he’s concentrating on streamlining how healthcare providers report and track diseases to be better prepared for the future.

  26. Janet

    Arizona Man’s Death May Be Linked to European E. Coli

    The death of an Arizona man who recently visited Germany may be linked to the food-poisoning outbreak in Europe, health officials said Thursday.

  27. Janet

    And more cases

    British seed firm ‘linked to French E. coli outbreak’Officials are investigating a possible link between seeds sold by a UK firm and an E. coli outbreak in France.

  28. Janet

    France should pay if E.coli warning wrong – British MEP

    A British MEP called on France to pay compensation if a British company linked by the French government to an E.coli outbreak in Bordeaux turned out not to be responsible. Seven people were still in hospital on Sunday, …

  29. Janet

    why don’t they face it, they don’t know where it started?

    Europe’s E. Coli Outbreaks Linked to Egyptian Seeds

    Imported fenugreek seeds from Egypt may be the source of highly toxic E. coli outbreaks in Germany and France that have killed at least 48 people, according to initial investigations by European scientists.

  30. Janet

    France E. coli outbreak: Elderly woman dies

    An elderly woman in France has died of kidney disease caused by E. coli, according to health officials.

  31. Janet

    Spanish sue Hamburg for E.coli cucumber warning

    A Spanish company is suing the city of Hamburg for more than €2 million after its cucumbers were wrongly blamed for a deadly E.coli outbreak last spring, officials said Thursday.

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